TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 2.4: Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Chapter 2.4: Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Despite having absent parents the girl’s grandfather, uncles and cousin pay them plenty of attention.
I think Obsidian’s snowman says it all.
Poor girls.  Things definitely weren’t great.  There were some rough spots along the way.
Wow a genie lamp!
When you would have thought the girls would turn to each other for solace they instead start fighting each other.
 Even kisses from grandpa are upsetting.
They bask in what little attention they do get from their parents.
We interrupt this post for a little penguin break.  🙂
Grandpa Connor was just minding his own business playing a video game when Grim showed up with some hula girls to welcome him to the afterlife.
Azure, Indigo and Connor’s graves.  Azure haunts the house incessantly so I made sure that Connor was in platinum in his last days.
Connor is gone but time goes on.  The twins age up to teens.
I realize, looking at this pic, that I forgot to give them makeup when they aged up.  Oops!  Obsidian on the left and Onyx on the right.
Tara was outside the day before her adult birthday looking through the telescope when a bright light blinded her and something sucked her into the sky!
She was abducted by aliens and never heard from again.
Chapter 2.5: Bleh, Bleh, Bleh

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