TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 3.2: Generation Orange is Born

Chapter 3.2: Generation Orange is Born

Armand cheers Ian on as he ages to elder.
I have to say, Ian is the best looking elder I’ve ever had in the sims.
What the heck is with vampires and cleaning windows anyway???
Obsidian meets a man outside the house and is instantly smitten.  They spend most of the night together and she has high hopes that it will evolve into a relationship.  But alas, it is not meant to be, when she tries calling him the next day it turns out that he doesn’t have a phone!
Midnyte ages up and hooray she’s black!
Onyx gives birth to a baby girl, they name her Amber.
(a variable color averaging a dark orange yellow)
 No time like the present… let’s make #2!
I was so happy to see that I already had orange colored nursery decor, lol.
Amber ages up to toddler, time to find the hair dye!
The second baby is born.  A boy named Blaze.
(like a orange fire)
Chapter 3.3: An Abrupt and Unfortunate End

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