TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 3.3: An Abrupt and Unfortunate End

Chapter 3.3: An Abrupt and Unfortunate End

Now, up to this point, looking at the last few posts you might think that things are going better for the black generation.  You’d be wrong.  The twins are a mess, constantly in aspiration failure.  So it’s not much of a surprise when Onyx is taking the garbage out one night and she meets a guy who offers to set her up on a date that she goes for it.  Jack is sleeping most of the night when she’s awake anyway.
She takes the date a little further than she probably should have, Jack hears something while he’s feeding the baby and comes to find Onyx in bed with a stranger.
Jack can hardly wait for her to finish with the therapist to fight with her.  They get in a huge argument and break up.  Jack storms off down the street leaving his family behind.
Obsidian is crushed by the breakup.
With the twins such a mess and not really able to care for the children Armand retires to care for them.
Onyx spends her nights sitting next to the car that Jack spent so much time on looking down the sidewalk where he disappeared. 
One morning when the sun begins to rise Onyx doesn’t go inside.  She is turned to ash within moments.
Obsidian is inconsolable.  She stares at the potion their father made to cure the vampirism, if only Onyx had taken it she wouldn’t have died!
   Unthinkingly she grabs the vial and drinks it down as if doing so will restore her sister.
She falls to the ground dead of poisoning.
Time stops for no one.  Blaze ages to toddler the day his mother and aunt died.
The next day Amber ages to child.
Desperate, Ian and Armand summon the genie from the lamp and beg for more time so that they can raise the children.  Their wish is granted.
Chapter notes: If you didn’t read the rules for this challenge you may not know that in generation black you can only grant fears: no wishes.  This is the reason the twins were miserable their entire lives.  Having sims in constant aspiration failure makes them pretty much unplayable.  I did not originally plan for the twins to die but that is the way the story unfolded for me.  Onyx was afraid to get caught cheating and so when the opportunity presented itself she did.  She was also afraid to break up with Jack and so she did.  From that moment on she made me miserable.  I took a break from playing and thought up the senerio that you read.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Oh and by the way, I know the genie lamp isn’t the solution the uncles need… I just thought it was better storytelling than taking the elixir of life.  🙂
Chapter 4.1: Orange is the New Black

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