TS2- Awesimesauce Challenge 4.1: Orange is the New Black!

Chapter 4.1: Orange is the New Black

With Onyx and Obsidian gone Amber and Blaze found themselves heirs to the family line.  generation orange begins much earlier than expected.
Midnyte erm, plays with Blaze.
The kids have a flair for the creative even at a young age.
Blaze ages to child.
His birthday is a big celebration in the house.
Being raised by two eccentric rich great-uncles has it’s benefits.  Ian and Armand take the kids on a far-east vacation.
They find a secret map and the old man in the background teaches them the dragon legend and tai-chi.
The whole trip is a blast and is over way too soon.
Next it’s Amber’s birthday.  She ages to teen.
And here she is.
Ian finishes the car Jack left and gets a tinkering plaque.
Armand spends his time being one with nature and like a goofball tries to stroke a skunk!
He gets a nature plaque for his efforts.
 Amber is all about sports and fitness.
Sadly this is the last meal they will all spend together.
Chapter 4.2: Out with the Old; In with the New

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