TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 4.2: Out with the Old; In with the New

Chapter 4.2: Out with the Old; In with the New

Blaze’s teen birthday was bittersweet.
Armand was outside and missed the cake, he ran in only to find Grim coming towards him.
The family was devastated.
They try to get back into the routine of things without Armand.
(I freaking love Blaze’s face in this pic!)
It wasn’t long after Armand was gone that Grim came back for Ian.
After days of moping around the house Blaze goes shopping for clothes for his sister’s upcoming birthday.  He strikes up a conversation with the cashier Ryker.  They end up really liking each other and after several times visiting the house Blaze invites Ryker to move in.
Lonely after her uncle’s deaths and Blaze’s attention on Ryker Amber calls the matchmaker.  At first when she saw Kampol she was like what, a paperboy?  But after looking closer she realized he was really good looking.  Like her brother before her she spent a lot of time with Kampol and invited him to move in.
He looks so much better out of that paperboy getup.
Then it’s time for Amber’s birthday.
A few days later it’s Kampol’s.
Then lastly it’s Blaze and Ryker’s turn.  They’re all adults now.
First Kampol proposes to Amber.
Then Blaze proposes to Ryker.
Chapter 4.3: A Vacation Surprise

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