TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 4.5: To Parts Unknown

Chapter 4.5: To Parts Unknown

Yes, I forgot another birthday.  Tawny aged to child alone in her room.
I remembered Sierras!
(Then I forgot to take the after-shot!)
 Tawny finds that she has a flair for business.
Blaze and Ryker take a second honeymoon back to Twikkii island.
They meet a witchdoctor who needs pretty much everything in his house repaired.  He gives them a voodoo doll for their troubles.
While playing on a pirate ship Blaze meets the old captain and he teaches him a sea shanty.
They returned in time for Tawny’s birthday.
I had to change her hair after this picture because she had a weird black line across her forehead.
 A couple of days later Kampol returns from work with good and bad news.  He was promoted to the top of his career but it requires a move to an undisclosed location.
Since Tawny decides to stay Amber and Blaze play rock, paper, scissors to determine the heir.  Tawny wins!
After that Amber and Kampol get in a taxi to parts unknown.
The house was feeling empty and both Blaze and Ryker wanted to adopt.  The newest member of the family is Alon.
Chapter 4.6: Surprise and Surprise Again!

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