TS2- Awesimsauce Chapter 5.2: Rocks Priced Cheap

Chapter 5.2: Rocks Priced Cheap

Life was just too hectic with twins, the butler made it worse, so Derek quit his useless job to help with the boys and the home business.
Derek was supposed to be teaching Kelly how to talk when all the sudden there he is in Tawny’s little shack.
Derek’s lifetime wish was 50 1st dates so he decided to wish for happiness or whatever it is that gives him perma-plat.
Try as they might they never did get Kelly potty trained.  Hunter was no problem, I have no idea why it took Kelly so long.
I tried to have them blow out their candles at the same time but something tripped Tawny up and I had to tell her to take Hunter to the cake again.
Their hair’s a little better this time.  Kelly on the left already had black hair so I let him get the one with stripes.  Hunter’s was blond.
If they’re going to top 2 jobs each and make $100,000 each then they need lots of skills.  I set them to start studying right away.
Derek digs for junk… I mean merchandise while Tawny sells.
Grim comes for the cat Tangelo.
Derek and the boys go to the pet store and pick up a brownish cat named Brownie.
Chapter notes:
I’m adding this note almost 4 months later after this post was written.  I really do want to get back and finish this challenge.  Re-reading it makes me sad that I never did.  When I got a new computer and could play Sims 4 again it consumed me.  I hope to get back to some of these Sims 2 challenges and complete them soon.

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