TS4- Heart & Soul 1.13: Private Eye?

Chapter 1.13

Time stops for no one.  Tate became a teenager and he and Faithe spent most of their time together being the eldest.  Alek preferred to spend his time reading books while Addison watched a lot of television.  Avery joined the Cosplay club that her great-grandmother used to lead.

One day after the kids had gone to school Amira was tending the garden while Vaughn was out jogging when her new friend Bastian had come by with another ghost named Kathy.  He wanted Amira’s help in getting Kathy’s murderer convicted but Amira told him she didn’t know what she could do about it.

He convinced her into sitting down and hearing Kathy’s story and after she heard all the grisly details she knew she had to help.  But what on earth would she tell the police?

Once they made up a half-believable story they made their way to the police station.

Amira asked the girl at the desk if she could speak to the detective in charge.  Shockingly the girl didn’t ask any questions and showed her to his office.

Detective Highwind was very friendly.  Amira told him she was psychic and told him about Kathy’s death.  He got very serious and asked if she had an alibi and she said she had the best alibi you could get and pulled out three birth certificates.  It would be a little difficult to commit murder while giving birth to triplets she explained.  He still seemed hesitant but said he’d seen some crazy things in all his years on the force and this wouldn’t be the craziest.

Amira took detective Highwind to where Kathy said she was buried.  There was a noticeable difference in the ground in that spot.  He sighed and shook his head asking Amira how he was supposed to explain this.

(Yes ugh I left my UI up.  I swear I even checked the pictures before I deleted the ghost but I didn’t notice it!  Normally I wouldn’t use the picture but I needed this one.)

After the detective called in some officers to investigate he pulled Amira aside and told her that he’d lied and said she was a private investigator and that she’d gotten a lead on the information from an anonymous source that didn’t want to deal with the police.  Then he told her she really should get her investigators license because he could use her help from time to time on other cases.

After he’d gone to speak with the other officers Bastian and Kathy came over to thank Amira.  She pulled out her cell phone so she could speak with them without looking like she was talking to the air.

With the promise that her murderer would be convicted Kathy moved on.  Bastian left to go haunt his family’s home and Amira went home to get ready for work.  She had just sat down to eat dinner when the doorbell rang.  A boy was standing on her doorstep.  He said his name was Gabe Crouse and that there had been a note on his dresser with this address when he got home from school.  Shocked, Amira realized that this was Bastian’s grandson that he’d pointed out to her in the park the day they’d met.

She was a little uneasy but invited him inside anyway.  All of the kids but Avery were working on their homework so she sat chatting with him for a bit until he said he needed to get home for dinner and left.  Amira thought it was strange that Bastian had sent him here but thought maybe he felt the boy needed friends… and there were a lot of kids in her house he could become friends with!

All evening at work Amira thought about what detective Highwind had said about her becoming a private investigator.  At first she’d scoffed at the idea but by the time she’d gotten home and they were getting ready for bed she’d changed her mind.  She was uneasy about talking to Vaughn about anything regarding ghosts since they’d discovered the girls could see them but he was actually really sweet and told her if it would make her happy he’d support her.

Chapter 1.14

Chapter notes:
I had this chapter planned all out on paper but when it came to time to take the pictures I just didn’t feel like it.  I ended up taking a break for 3 days and playing my ISBI challenge instead.  The first 4 pictures are from before I took the break and I really couldn’t figure out how to fit them into the story but I wanted to use them.

I gave Vaughn and Amira their adult makeovers.  I forgot to do Kristof and Micaela’s when they aged to adult.

The police station and officers are all from the gallery.  Unfortunately I didn’t write down who made them.  Sorry.  The ghost was Lone Ghost by Mary-Sophi.  If anyone would like to make a ghost to be in the story I’d  love it!  Searching through all the CC ghosts on the gallery is kinda a pain.  If you give them a backstory that would be even better! (Marialein was nice enough to make me some ghosts of which I’ve used one so far but if anyone else wants to make them I’ll be happy to put them to use!)

Gabe Crouse is Bastian’s genetic great-grandson.  I played with genetics and made him a daughter, grand-son and great-grandson.


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