TS4- Random Legacy II 1.1: The Rolls

Gen 1 Chapter 1

A/N: I had the urge to start my random legacy back up when I realized it was one of the files that I saved to my backups on my external and deleted from my saves.  The problem is for some reason my external isn’t letting me access it and so since I wasn’t happy with the way things were going before anyway I just decided to start over.  I don’t know how often I’ll be playing this one.  I really like this challenge so who knows. 


Roll A- Marital Status: Single w/ help Meet Donte Carraro and his brother Jaiden.  I made them almost completely using the randomizer dice in CAS.  They moved into my favorite neighborhood in NewCrest where I built them a little house with their starting cash.


Ta-da!  It’s nothing exciting but it’s one of my first non-drifter builds so I’m kinda proud of it.


Downstairs- Jaiden’s room and a few other items.  Nothing fancy.  I did splurge on some nicer appliances and plumbing.  I also put in sprinklers.


Donte’s room is upstairs so that he’ll be close to his kids.  Roll B) Number of Children: 2


I can only choose the house traits once unless they move.


That was unexpected.


Roll C) Scientist – No additional money-making opportunities. This career counts as a profession.


Roll D) Secondary Careers: Freelance Musician – Play a musical instrument of your choice in public to earn money from tips. You may also sell jingles and license songs you’ve written. If you have City Living, singing counts as an instrument.


Jaiden’s traits


Roll E) Generation Goals: Midlife Crisis (This one is super detailed so I’ll post the rest in chapter notes.) When I first started I was going to have him do the Nerd Brain aspiration until I realized he’d need a rocket. Hopefully it wasn’t cheating changing it over to Curator since he hadn’t gotten any satisfaction points yet.


Donte’s traits

Roll F) Miscellaneous Fun: Runs in the Family – Pick a trait from your heir. Every child born to your heir must take this trait at the earliest opportunity. -I picked childish


I guess playing guitar is hungry work.  His hunger dropped way further down than Donte’s did.  Time to make sure those sprinkles work.  No worries he did fine.


Then it occurred to me that they don’t have to stay at home!  Yay!


I was looking around for something for Donte to eat when I heard the money noise.  I was shocked to see that this gardener tipped Jaiden!  For some reason I thought they had to play for tips or something and he was just practicing.


Look!  Another tipper!  She stayed most of the night listening to him play even though I’m pretty sure his horrible playing made her tense cuz she didn’t look happy at all.  A few other times I heard the tip noise.  Pretty cool.


Meanwhile Donte headed back to get a burger and I figured it’s the perfect time to meet some ladies.  The girl in the afro turns out to be a teen so she’s out of the baby mamma competition.


I have a thing for red hair although I rarely create sims with it.  So he chatted with her while he ate.  It’s odd not worrying about what their traits are.


A little cloudgazing got them up to friend level.


But when he tried a flirt she freaked out.  Then I saw that she’s married!  Rotten luck.  Time to head home to bed anyway.


In the morning he heads to his new job.  This will be so different than it was in drifter.  For one there’s no goal in this generation to complete the career.  Second he can only make money from the career so there’s no point going and digging up stuff unless it’s for his aspiration.  I guess he’d have to decorate the house with the stuff or something.  I have no idea?


I’m always afraid they’ll catch fire on this thing!


He had a task to talk to a co-worker and met this girl named Lynn.  I thought she was pretty and luckily he kept getting new tasks to do different social interactions with a co-worker until all of his tasks for the day were done.


Then they cloudgazed and chatted some more until they were friends.


He was hungry so he grabbed a sandwich.  Luckily he’s not a vegetarian like my scientist in drifter was so he’ll eat the sandwich without getting sick.


Promo on day 1!


He got invited out to celebrate his promotion and Lynn was there she was already flirty so I figured why not?


Meanwhile at the bar Jaiden is getting to know the girl with the black hair.  He tried flirting a bit later and she shot him down but I didn’t get a pic.


Back over to Donte he gets a first kiss.


Then a bit more.  No trying for baby with anyone yet.  I want him to be able to furnish the kid’s room with everything including toys before trying for a baby.  I’m also not sure if he would need to move the mamma in temporarily or if he can just transfer the baby over in manage worlds when it’s born.  I asked the challenge creator and am waiting for a response.  If I don’t get one by that time I’ll just assume it’s the manage worlds option.


Poor Jaiden was beat.


He doesn’t need a girlfriend but whatever it’s 50 points.


Oh no!  Shot down.  He discovered the next day at work that she’s non-committal.


Back to work making his first serum.


Then the simray!


Which he uses to freeze a co-worker.  Notice the elements on the floor?  I’m not sure what to do with the stuff he gets in his career.  I don’t think he’s allowed to sell it and if it’s in the inventory it counts for the bills so I just dragged it all down onto the floor for now until I find out what to do with it.


Of course there’s someone playing already.  Oh well he’ll play too!  He did get a few tips.  The city was dead though. Only like 5 sims out at 7pm!


Aha!  Another red-head.  Perhaps Lynn won’t be the baby mamma after all.  This one is named Anna and she’s single. I stopped MC Command Center from marrying and starting pregnancies with young adults for now.  I’ll start it back up when he’s got his two kids.


Then the next morning I decided to replace the lab.  I remembered that my friend Raerei created a new lot called Crystal Sim Labs so I put it down.  It’s so nice!  Hooray!  I really wanted to keep playing but realized this chapter was going to be long enough already.

Chapter notes:

As promised the details of the midlife crisis generation goal:

Midlife Crisis – This generation, one of the heir, spouses (including second chances) or helpers will experience a randomly-generated midlife crisis event. Between when this generation is rolled and when the first of the eligible sims reaches the adult lifestage (not YA), determine who will go through the crisis. (Note: I picked Donte) If you have not picked someone before the first sim reaches adulthood, or is moved in as an adult, that sim will be the one. Once the selected sim reaches adulthood (and not sooner!), roll three times to determine three aspects to the midlife crisis from the chart below, re-rolling if you receive a duplicate. Each aspect has a deadline which it must either be completed or started during. The goal is complete when all aspects have been completed.
1) Re-roll Miscellaneous Fun(complete within 24 hours) – Your Miscellaneous Fun roll will change. It takes effect immediately, with weekly tasks starting the following Sunday.
2) Randomize a trait(complete within 24 hours) – Randomly determine which of your sim’s traits will change, then use a cheat to remove that trait, replacing it with another that has been randomly determined.
3) Re-roll Career(complete within 24 hours) – Re-roll your sim’s career. This means a new primary career if it’s the heir, and a new secondary career if it’s a spouse or spare.
4) Make a major purchase(complete within 24 hours) – Buy something shiny and expensive(relative to how much wealth you have) for your house.
5) Have a romantic crisis(start within 48 hours) – Your sim’s love life is thrown into turmoil. Perhaps they meet a new lover, cheat on their spouse, or simply have a falling out with a long-time partner. This must begin within 48 hours, but doesn’t have to resolve ever.
6) Change style to recapture youth(complete within 24 hours) – Your sim must change their style(mirror and dresser, CAS cheats if necessary) to recapture their youth. Perhaps even get a tattoo. They can change back after a period of a few days if they want.
7) Gain a new skill(complete within 1 week) – Your sim must gain at least 5 skill levels in a skill they haven’t used much previously. This counts from the level they’re currently at, so if a sim has level 2 charisma, they must attain level 7.
8) Have a child(complete within 1 week) – Your sim must either have a biological child or adopt a child. Either way, it will be raised with the rest of the generation’s children. Add one child to the number of children you will have this generation.
9) Randomize Aspiration(complete within 24 hours) – Randomly pick a new aspiration for your sim, throwing out any that are incompatible with your other rolls. If you also have to re-roll your sim’s career, use the new career when determining aspiration compatibility.

Chapter 1.2


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