Random Legacy Heir Selection Poll

Since there are two children I was able to roll for each child.  YOU get to decide which of them will be heir!  If the rolls confuse you just go down to the bullet points at the end that explain the differences.  I left the poll open for a week and will add a link to this post at the end of each chapter until a choice must be made.

Child 1’s rolls:
A) Marital Status: Single – Your heir may not have a live-in partner after the first child is born.
B) Number of Children: 2
C) Primary Career: Unconvential- Freelance Programmer – Use your programming skills on the computer for a variety of tasks, including creating apps, creating plugins and freelance work.
D) N/A
E) Generation Goals – Party King/Party Queen – Host every kind of party(house, dinner, wedding, birthday) with a gold medal in each. If you have more than four party types(through expansions, DLC or mods), roll to randomly determine the four party types that you will be attempting for this goal, re-rolling any duplicates.
F) Miscellaneous Fun: Half-Siblings – Sims born this generation must each be with a different partner.

Child 2’s rolls:
A) Marital Status: Mixed Single w/ 2 Help
B) Number of Children: 2 (1 adopted)
C) Primary Career: Culinary(Mixologist) – May publish bar guides(self-publishing).
D) 1. Unemployed 2. Painter(Patron of the Arts) – May sell crafted paintings and call agent to collect money.
E) Generation Goals : Memorial – The heir, along with any spouses or helpers, must be memorialized this generation, by a sim with maxed skill in the relevant crafting skill(painting, photography or writing). Memorials may consist of: a painted portrait, a photograph, a biography, or a book of life. Each memorial can be crafted by a different sim if you want, and they don’t have to all be the same type, though they should all be displayed together.
F) Miscellaneous Fun: Gourmet – Once every week, the entire family must find the time to sit down all at once and enjoy a gourmet meal prepared especially for the occasion. It doesn’t matter who prepares the meal, but it must be from the gourmet cooking skill, not the regular cooking skill.


  • With the first option they will be a single parent with no help meaning child 2 will move out when they reach young adult. With the second option they will single as well but be allowed two helpers meaning that child 1 can stay plus another sim can be moved in.
  • With the first option the two children will be biological and with the second one of the two children will be adopted.
  • The first option’s career is programmer.  They would work at home creating apps and stuff.  The second’s career is mixoligist with one of the helpers in the painter career.
  • The first option would throw parties while the second would memorialize the family.
  • The first option would have kids with different parentage while the second option would have gourmet meals once a week.


Child one is Lynn’s baby (from work)


Child two is Denise’s baby (from the park)


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