TS4- Random Legacy II 1.2: Canoodling

Gen 1 Chapter 2


At the end of the last chapter I showed the outside of Crystal Labs.  Once everyone got to work the new inside setup made them all look so busy.


I thought this garden area was a nice touch.  At some point I’m going to have to buy some herbs and stuff but I really don’t want to waste the money on them.  You’d think in drifter my sims would be more broke starting at $0 but when you have only 2 ways you’re allowed to make money instead of making it pretty much however you want things are pretty difficult.  Thank goodness I decided to use the starting cash!


I thought maybe he could try to complete the aliens collection or something.  Although I’m really not sure what to do with the duplicates so they’re just in his inventory taking up space.


I was following most of his whims once the tasks were done for the day.  One was to makeout with Lynn.  Easy enough.  He had a few more to talk to her and stuff too.


Despite messing around at work he was promoted to level 3!


He needed frogs for his aspiration.  He also had to breed some when he got to the next part which means he has a ton of frogs in his inventory.  I’m considering just deleting them all with a cheat so that he doesn’t have to pay bills on them.


Jaiden was still in his pjs.  I guess he just hangs around the house all day playing guitar while Donte is at work.


Transform a chair…


Wow!  That crappy chair turned into that thing?  I really want to know if he’s allowed to transform collectibles and decorate his house with them since technically it’s not selling.  Still waiting for an answer on that too.  I’d hate to do it and then find out it’s not allowed, then I’d have to delete all of the stuff!


Getting a DNA sample from Lynn.  It comes in pretty handy being lovers with someone at work.


Then transforming a collectable.  It’s funny seeing the hall so bare.  It’s now got all of the crap I keep dragging out of his inventory all over it.


When he got home it was Jaiden’s turn to try to make some money.  I decided to leave him at the landing point in hopes it would see more action, which it did.  Club Cosplay always entertains me.


He drew quite a crowd that night.


Donte still needed fossils for his aspiration so he went all around the park looking for collectables.  He finally got the fossils and a few Mysims trophies that he can put in the kid’s room.


Then he played with the dollhouse and toys in the sandbox until it was time to leave.  Jaiden made some pretty good money that night.



Back to work I thought I’d have him build the rocket as something to do when his tasks are full.


That night after he got home I threw together a kids room quick to make sure he had enough money.  It barely left them with anything but I think it’s good to go.


This is really funny.  When I was looking for the red-haired girl he met in the city I thought that this one was her. She isn’t.  She’s Denise, the one from the park that turned him down because she’s married.  This time she didn’t.  I didn’t realize that I had them mixed up until later when I looked at her in the relationship menu and it said she was married!


She was very flirty when they got to the club and she was totally into him.



There weren’t any woohoo spots so I stuck a closet in.  Hopefully we have a baby on the way!


I figured while he’s at it might as well try with Lynn too.  He needs two kids after-all.  I didn’t consider until later that one of them might have twins!  That wouldn’t be good.  I suppose there must be a rule for twins.  A/N-There is.  It would just add to the number of children allowed in the house since we have no control of the number of children without cheats.


They tried for baby then he asked her to leave.  Hey she’s non-committal anyway it’s not like she’d want to stay.  And Denise is married… not sure how she’ll explain that baby to her hubby!


I decided for a change in scenery Jaiden would busk for tips in the city.


This I didn’t expect!  He bought this drink when I wasn’t paying attention and when I had him stop drinking and thought he was going back outside he didn’t and bought another!  They had like $13 after that and I made him go home!


Try as he might Jaiden didn’t make much this day.  I’m thinking the park is a better spot even if it’s boring for Donte at least he can’t spend all their darned money!


The Romance Festival started then and just to see what he’d say I had Jaiden ask the romance guru his future.  It’s bleak.  Has anyone gotten a different response than that?  I don’t think I have!  Well, of course it’s bleak, he’s destined to live with his brother and help him raise his kids!  Maybe when gen 2 starts I’ll give him a happy ending with some lucky lady.


After he got home I had him practicing some more.  I really want him to be able to write and licence a song.  Also, he needs to for his aspiration.  Anyway, Donte plopped down with a toy and watched him while he played.


In the morning they had just finished breakfast and I was trying to decide where they could spend the day when this girl Janae that Jaiden met at the club just strolled into the house and sat down at the table.  I was like what the heck?


Then the flea market notice popped up and I figured they could bring Denise along too I could see her progress. She doesn’t look pregnant but keeps acting sick and getting the baby bottle thought bubble.  The odd part is that these two spent the whole afternoon just standing here talking.


Donte wanted to haggle so he haggled with the toy salesman and got some bubbles.  I love childish sims and their bubbles.


Jaiden played guitar for awhile and Donte played basketball which is why he’s stinky.  When they went home he invited Lynn to see if she looked pregnant or not and she looks huge!  This exact same thing happened in my Whim challenge.  I had one guy get two girls pregnant within hours of each other and the kids were born on different days! If anything it would be Lynn that wouldn’t be showing yet since she was later that night!  Whatever.  Nooboo’s incoming is all that matters.

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Chapter 1.3

Chapter notes:

Aha!  After writing this chapter I re-read the entire random legacy thread and found this tidbit that I had missed: Nature aspirations are doable with any rolls, however you will have to mass-delete(or sell and cheat the money away) massive amounts of collectables if you choose to pursue them – you’ve been warned.

You might have noticed some new lots in this chapter.  I added some before starting.  Here they all are, you haven’t seen them all yet though…

The Factory Restaurant by Kayshisim

Fitness and Wellness Spa by Molliemaer96

The Nightclub by ? because it looked like they copied someone elses and I didn’t want to give credit to the wrong person.

Magnolia Bloom Update by AndiNicole4eva


    • Thanks! I’m really having a lot of fun with it. It’s driving me crazy waiting to see which one wins because I can’t age anyone up to children until I know.


    • It’s really strange. I hadn’t realized at the time that I was supposed to move them in temporarily anyway. Which would have been crazy with 2 romantic interests!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yeah, I’ve gotten different things from the romance guru, haha. I love how different sims have different sized bellies throughout their pregnancy! It’ll be crazy if one of them ~does~ have twins!

    Liked by 1 person

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