TS4- Random Legacy II 1.3: Nooboo’s

Gen 1 Chapter 3


As I noted at the end of the last chapter in the notes he was allowed to collect for his aspiration but not allowed to sell any of it.  I deleted it all by shift+clicking it.  I never considered all the stuff that’s on the floor of the science lab.


It was Sunday night and they played while waiting for time to head to bed.  I really like these brothers.  They’re always together when they’re both home.


Ohmygosh!  They had less than half that!  It’s all the stuff on the floor at the science lab!


When he gets to work Lynn looks even bigger.  Another rule I found the answer to is whether to move them in temporarily or not and the answer is yes.  I thought up a reason why neither keeps the baby or stays with Donte.


Promo level 4!


After arriving home he was going to call her but it didn’t have the option so I looked around the neighborhood and found her walking.  He ran over and invited her to move in.


Her and Jaiden seem to get along.  No clue why they all needed to talk outside.


Wow that girls’ outfit is a trainwreck!  Of course I had to take a pic.


Here’s the decision I made regarding the stuff he paid bills on that was on the floor at the science lab: He can transform it but whatever it becomes can’t be worth more than the original value.  At first I deleted the stuff that was higher value but then I realized I can just keep transforming it until it’s that cost.  There’s a rule regarding the career rewards that’s similar which made my decision.


*sigh*  Donte and Jaiden high-tailed it out of there and Lynn just stood there.  They have sprinklers and just like always none of them were able to reach it to extinguish it.  After that he came back and did a few more before bed.


Lynn went into labor in the wee hours of the morning.  The bassinets are way too expensive so they headed to the hospital instead.  I’ll just delete the free ones after they age to toddler.


Lynn went to register and Donte plopped down to play with a toy.


He was panicked and she was totally freaked out!


It’s a girl!  I randomized her name using an app on my phone.  It’s Braelyn.  For voting purposes she is child number one.


Lynn gets up and tells Donte that she can’t handle the commitment of being a mother or a wife and walks out of the hospital.  Her stuff is gone when he arrives home.


Donte was exhausted from having so little sleep so his brother Jaiden cared for Braelyn while he slept before work.


Then the thought occurred to me that if Lynn had her baby then Denise should be having hers soon too.  We’ll just say she showed up at the door asking to stay there because her husband kicked her out.


She also got along great with Jaiden.  Donte had a quick bite then ran off to work.


The lack of sleep really affected his work performance that day.


This task is really annoying to me but he needed stuff he didn’t have to make the elixirs for the other task options. I’m going to have to suck it up and buy the seed packs or search the world for the stuff he’ll need.


Once his tasks were done he got a little much needed sleep.


Then when he got home he slept some more.  Jaiden finally got to level 8 of the guitar skill and will start writing his song soon.


Then Denise went into labor.  Donte was much more confident this time around.


He was really excited to meet his second child.  Denise appeared sad though.


It’s a boy!  His name is Talon.  This was also a generated name.  He will be known as child number two in the poll.


Denise sadly tells Donte that she loves her husband and daughter and leaves the hospital before he can argue with her.  When he arrives home her stuff is gone just as Lynn’s was.


Jaiden is a lifesaver.  Thank goodness he had help this time around.  Other generations will be easier with the grandparents in the house… if they live that long?

Heir Selection Poll!

Chapter 1.4

Chapter notes:

This chapter is a bit shorter because once the kids are born I’m allowed to do their rolls which I was allowed to do one for each since it will be up for a vote.  So if you haven’t already go vote!


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