TS4- Random Legacy II 1.4: Toddler Time!

Gen 1 Chapter 4


Donte completed the rocketship at work in his spare time.  Sadly he would have to pay for any upgrades himself.


Hopefully he doesn’t crash and burn.  I usually upgrade them some before letting them use it.


Then he arrives home and takes care of the babies.


Jaiden starts writing his song.


In the morning Braelyn aged to toddler.  I gave her the charmer trait.


I will admit it.  When she was in CAS I changed her skintone.  I think it’s odd that in Sims 4 the children get either the mother or father’s skin tone and not a mix like they did in Sims 2.  I’m not sure about Sims 3 but anyway I decided to pick one between his skintone and Lynn’s.


Time to work on that thinking skill!  Funny that it was the one skill I didn’t really skill up when I first started with toddlers and it turned out to be the most important.


Babbling to brother Talon.




Back at work Donte has to make someone test a serum.  He’s really not doing well at this stuff since I don’t have all of the plants he needs for serums.  I even had him buy a pack of seeds but there weren’t any roses so I guess he’ll have to find them in the world somewhere.  There aren’t any in his neighborhood.


Level 5!


It was the only trait I could think of for him to get.  25% isn’t a lot but every bit helps.


Uncle Jaiden working on that thinking skill some more while daddy takes a nap after work.


They move on to the blocks next while daddy cares for baby Talon.





Having a late night burrito with uncle Jaiden.


Oops.  Got my timing wrong for when he’s supposed to be aged up.  I’m used to doing it when the notification pops up.  Anyway here’s our Talon!


Right away it’s more teaching thinking skill.  It’s kind of a boring grind but it’s nice not having to deal with nightmares every night.


I think managing two toddlers at once is fine if you can control two adults to help out.


What the heck?  I was going to have Donte grab something out of the fridge before work and she was sitting down to eat a burrito!  I have no idea how long she was there because he was upstairs with the kids all morning.  Needless to say he asked her to leave and I locked the doors for everyone but household.


Back to work and he’s inventing the hover lamp which is usually invented in the first few days.  I decided to keep it and put it in the kid’s room.  I’m hoping he makes another so I can have one for each of them one pink and one blue.


They were talking to each other but I guess you can’t tell from this pic.


Braelyn can finally use the stairs.


He cleaned up the potty and then stood out by the garbage can playing his guitar.  Braelyn came out to listen.


A bit of mac’n’cheese in the middle of the night with daddy.  I keep an eye on their needs as they sleep and have someone wake them up and feed them if their hunger starts to get orange.


Then a little more thinking skill practice while sissy sleeps.


Uncle Jaiden was cleaning the tub and Braelyn came in to splash in the toilet.  Maybe she’s copying him?  I put her in one of her everyday outfits because I’m sick of seeing her in her pjs all the time.


Daddy reading a toddler book.


Dancing while chatting with daddy.


Then it’s bath time for Talon before bed.  I’m thinking of having them take the kids to the park or something in the morning for a change of scenery.

Heir Selection Poll!

Chapter 1.5


    • I looked all around his neighborhood in Newcrest and couldn’t find any. Maybe one of the others? I just skip the rose perfume task when it pops up.


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