TS4- Random Legacy II 1.5: Out and About

Gen 1 Chapter 5


Sunday morning grilled cheese is the best breakfast.


After everyone’s needs were up they all headed to the park.  I love this little sandbox although when they got home I realized some of the toys were in their inventories and had to delete them.


This little boy came over and started talking to Talon.  Then he helped him with his blocks.  It was really cute.  I was thinking if Talon wins the heir poll maybe he could be one of the options to move in with him.  Obviously he’s older so I don’t know.


Lots happening.  Braelyn playing with dolls.  Talon getting lots of help with his blocks and in the background uncle Jaiden playing for tips.  He’s finished his first song and just needs level 9 skill to sell it.


That lady talking to Talon is the little boy’s mom.  Donte was teaching Braelyn to talk.


Jaiden hit level 9 at the park and licensed his song when they got home.


This was a total waste of time.  I figured since the kids were going to go to bed anyway that Donte could go to this spot and fish while waiting for the roses to be harvestable.  He was there for hours.  As you can see he was filthy and miserable.  He could stick the fish in the fridge for cooking but this is the only fish he caught!  He never did get the roses.


The kids talking in daddy’s room in the morning.


Talon playing with uncle Jaiden.


This made me laugh.


He needed even more plants that he didn’t have for elixirs so I gave in and bought some packs.  After three veggie packs he only managed to get one carrot!  He has like 20 mushrooms though which is pointless since they grow in his neighborhood if he needs them.


Braelyn came out to see him when he got home.  So cute.


I love having two toddlers at once.  They always talk to each other and spend time together.  It is cute having a child and a toddler too though.


Awe!  I love it when they do this.


Braelyn dancing to some kids music.




I’ll say it again thank goodness for uncle Jaiden.  Donte wouldn’t get any sleep if he had to keep getting up at night to feed the kids.


Of course he does more than just feed them.


What on earth?  She’s the one who gave up her kid.  Go away Lynn!


Since this was the last day before Braelyn aged to a child and I figured Donte should get a promotion on his own he went to work alone.


Everybody in the house has been sick.  It’s hard to see with her dark coloring but she has tiger stripes.


I qued him to have some orange juice and then go pee and he went pee while drinking it!  Gross Jaiden that’s so unsanitary!


I was trying so hard to get their skills all up to level 4 but they were tired and kept having to stop to nap.


I was right!  Level 6.


Then it’s time to bake the cake for Braelyn’s birthday in the morning.  That’s why this chapter is so short.  I can’t play any more until after the heir poll so I know what traits and aspiration to give her.  Will she be a geeky whiz kid or a creative artistic prodigy?  … The votes are in!  Talon wins the heir poll and both will be staying on for generation 2! I’ve already started on a new house since there will be so many sims in the house at once in that generation.  It’s going to be pretty bare though.

Chapter 1.6


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