Random Legacy Gen 3 Heir Poll

Let me just say right off the bat that the choices are much more complicated this time around.  I’m going to make the comparisons at the end like I did last time so if you want you can skip the confusion and jump down there.

Child 1

A) Marital Status: Full House – The same as single with 2 help, except there’s three helpers.
B) Number of Children: 4
C) Primary Career: Career Hopper – Must roll for five conventional careers. You may jump between these careers as you wish, so long as you have spent a day at work in at least three by the time your sim becomes a full adult, and all five by the time your sim becomes an elder.
1. Business(Management) – No additional money-making opportunities.
2. Entertainer(Comedian) – May perform comedy in space.
3. Critic(Food Critic) – No additional money-making opportunities.
4. Writer(Author) – May publish all book genres.
5. Doctor – No additional money-making opportunities. This career counts as a profession.
D) Secondary Career:
1st helper- Unemployed
2nd helper- Criminal(Oracle) – May pickpocket sims. May hack and create viruses.
3rd helper- Space Explorer – Build your own rocket and take to the stars, selling what you bring back from your travels.
E) Generation Goals: Domestic Dilemma – When this generation comes of age you must either add a new “negative” trait or replace an existing trait with a “negative” trait of your choice. This generation, you must find a creative way in your story to overcome said negative trait. For example, Quake Zone might be overcome by a sim maxing their writing skill and writing 5 nonfiction bestseller books about earthquake safety, or perhaps by a sim maxing their handiness skill and equipping every appliance/plumbing object in the house with the unbreakable upgrade. Be creative! When the negative trait has been overcome, you may replace it with a trait of your choice if you wish.
Negative traits include: Cursed; Filthy; Gremlins; Grody; Haunted; Mean Vibe; On a Dark Ley Line; Quake Zone; Vampire Nexus
F) Miscellaneous “Fun”: Fixer Upper – May not call the handyman or purchase new objects if they break this generation. You must fix them. I don’t care if you have no handiness skill, if you want to shower today you’ll get to work, won’t you?

Child 2

A) Marital Status: Single – Your heir may not have a live-in partner after the first child is born.
B) Number of Children: 2
C) Primary Career: Writer(Author) – May publish all book genres.
D) Secondary Career: N/A
E) Generation Goals: Idle Careers – May not make an effort to advance in your heir’s, helper’s and spouse’s careers, including school. If the career goals happen to line up with aspirational goals, that’s a happy coincidence, because you may advance in aspiration freely.
F) Miscellaneous “Fun”: My Precious – When your sim finds something they like, it’s hard for them to let it go. Pick one of the options below to build a collection over the course of your heir’s lifetime. The collection must be displayed somewhere on the legacy lot, so it may not be kept in an inventory, until the generation is complete.
A) I finds it, it’s mine – At least once a week, your sim must go out and find a unique object to add to their collection(pick a single category: frogs, MySims Trophies, metals, crystals, elements, fossils, aliens, space rocks or fish). You may not display duplicates. If you have found one of every item and the generation isn’t complete yet, pick a new collection to begin.
B) So bright, so beautiful, my precious – Once a week, your sim must purchase something beautiful and shiny from the decorations tab in buy mode. This should be something that exists only to look awesome, and should be displayed all together(or as trophy centerpieces in each room or something), not decor that “blends in” such as toilet paper rolls in the bathroom or a pan rack in the kitchen. If your sim is insane and decides to build a “bathroom shrine” in their living room, that’s totally legit, but it should be done to add to the story, not just because you couldn’t be bothered to find a better idea than buying misc decorations for your bathrooms to fulfill this fun.


  • Both heir choices would be single.  Child #1 would have 3 helpers so child #2 could stay on in the house.  On the other hand, child #2 would have no helpers so child #1 would have to leave.
  • Child #1 would have 4 children but child #2 would have 2 children.
  • Child #1 would hop around in different careers plus 2 helpers would help with money, chores and childcare.  Child #2 would be in the writing career but not be able to do anything to advance that career and have no help.
  • I’ve put a lot of thought into child #1’s house trait challenge. Some event will cause the friendly gnomes that have always kept the household repaired to morph into gremlins! Since they can only repair everything by hand this would be especially difficult. To overcome this they would need to reach level 10 handiness, upgrade everything completely and to appease the angry gremlins they would build a shrine and sacrifice essences via cowplant until they have every one including at least one life essence.
  • Child #2 as mentioned cannot do anything to advance their career and their kids can’t either for school.  They would become obsessed with building a collection of crystals and build a room dedicated to them.

Either option has some big pluses and minuses.  I’m sure you can see why my mind is blown.  I’m at the mercy of your votes.  I’ll keep the poll open longer than 2 days this time and link back here in each chapter.  If you want you can vote each day. 


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