TS4- Random Legacy II 1.6: Ghosts and Monsters

Gen 1 Chapter 6

In case you missed the heir poll results.


When I started the game up the morning of Braelyn’s birthday she was awake so I had her work on her imagination skill so it would be a higher creativity skill when she aged up.  I realized after she aged though that when the skills transfer that they transfer as percentages so if she was about to level up in communication then her social skill would level shortly after aging up.  Good to know.


Everyone had to drag themselves out of bed to celebrate.  Jaiden was throwing confetti but I guess I didn’t get it in the pic.


Here’s her skills and trait.


Telling a story to brother.  She aged up really cute.


Then it’s off to work with Donte.


He finally made the cloning machine.


Back home I still didn’t realize that the skill percentages transfer over so I had Talon working on his skills all evening.


Braelyn worked on her aspiration some.  The annoying thing is they have that child’s play house trait and it makes them playful.  I’d have her get inspired and start a drawing but then the playful would overpower it and she wouldn’t get credit.


Then it’s homework.  It feels weird controlling her truthfully.  I’ve been playing drifter so much for so long. Hopefully this doesn’t make playing drifter confusing since I can’t control those kids.


Another early morning birthday.  Talon looks pleased with all the attention.


I have no idea why his has the note about a bonus trait and her’s didn’t.  All the level 1 skills level’d to 2 practically right away which is how I figured out the percentages thing.


He’s like check it out I’m big now too!


I figured out that if I have someone “encourage” them on the art table it gives them a powerful inspired moodlet that overpowers the annoying playful one.



Trying to con an alien into taking a serum.  She did…


But his co-worker wouldn’t take a tainted one.  Wonder why?


This is the next day.  He invented the satellite dish.  He used up whatever metals he had left in his inventory and had to beg co-workers for crystals.  Nothing left for him to transform which is fine because there were like 4 fires and transforming over and over to find something the cost of the original item was no fun.


Lots of work pics this time.  He takes some ghost goo serum.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever had a sim take it!


He scares his co-worker that wouldn’t test the tainted serum by haunting this thingy.


He really enjoyed himself and since his tasks were done for the day I had a lot of fun with it.  All of his co-workers were super tense around him and it was quite funny.


Level 7!


When he got home they were standing there looking at each other like this and I had to get a pic.


Awe man!  Did I really forget nightlights?


They woke up dad and he went to spray.


While dad was spraying and I was buying nightlights they were running to wake up uncle Jaiden too.  I had to make them nap on their beds until the scared moodlet was gone to let them sleep again.


Since he was awake.  Yay!


It was Saturday and this was the first time she’d really had a chance to work on her aspiration past the first part.


Of course Talon has the same aspiration so he colored pics with the help of dad while Braelyn played violin alone so she wouldn’t be embarrassed.


Jaiden was sick AGAIN.  The sickness is so annoying in this game!  I would have him drink orange juice, he would be cured and then later in the day he’d have a new sickness.


This is early Sunday morning.


Talon needed social desperately so he told stories about imaginary friends and such to get his creativity skill to 10.


Yay!  They both went for Social Butterfly next.


This is the boy he had met as a toddler.  Looks like he’s much older than Talon which is a disappointment.  Hopefully he will meet a boy closer to his own age to move into the house when he takes over.


While everyone is doing stuff Donte gets a break to play basketball.  It’s funny because since he’s in the science career he really has nothing to work on at home.  He’s the center of my attention at work and I barely pay him notice at home now that he doesn’t need to take care of the kids.


I was looking around and saw this and had to laugh.  It’s the kid’s moms eating together.  I guess they have something in common eh?


The kids become partners in crime.


Dad doesn’t seem to mind them scheming to set gerbils loose in the school the next day.  I wonder where they’re going to get gerbils?

Chapter 1.7

Chapter notes:

Now that we know who the heir is my attention is fixated on Donte’s midlife crisis.  I’m dying to see what happens??? Hopefully it’s not something horrible!  I’m not allowed to roll for it until he ages up.  I think there’s 4 or 5 days left.

At the time that I’m publishing this chapter I’ve just completed the first generation.  I’d like everyone’s opinion on whether it would be weird to have an heir poll before you even start reading the second generation?  If it would be weird I’ll stop playing this challenge for awhile until everyone catches up because I like to have the kids early in legacies.


    • I think you’re getting the two stories mixed up. I had the aliens in my drifter save. But yea I’ve been thinking it might be that… at least all of the alien townies in disguise because of MC Command Center doing the marriage/pregnancy thing.


  1. The kids are so cute! I wasn’t really on to focus on leveling skills up or completing aspirations until recently, my generation four heiress is the first child in her family to complete their childhood aspiration, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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