TS4- Random Legacy II 1.7: Midlife Crisis!

Gen 1 Chapter 7


The kids  chatting in their dad’s bedroom before school.  Perhaps they’re discussing today’s prank?


Oh no!


It really sucks that we can’t sell any of this stuff.  When I was doing this career on drifter I would clone the most expensive stuff to resell.  Yea, pretty cheaty I guess.


Talon was in a bad mood after school.  Most likely from the failed hamster attempt.  He took it out on poor Blarfy.  Note from the future: I forgot about this!  I wondered why he has such a negative relationship with Blarfy!


Jaiden mentors Donte on the guitar as the last part of his aspiration.




Braelyn and Talon become best friends and plan to sell fake test answers at school.


Awe man!


Donte goes exploring space a lot in the rocket.  I’m enjoying the science career so much more this time around since I’m not hyper-focused on making money and advancing his career all of the time.


Testing out some red hot serum.  It gave him a moodlet with something like warm and tingly, lol.


Back home he watches tv and plays with a toy before work.  Apparently, nothing exciting happened at home the day before because this is the only between-work pic I took!


Back at work he creates this wormhole thing and has finally used up the crystals, metals and elements that have been laying on the hallway floor.


I think this thing looks so cool!


In an attempt to complete the Social Butterfly aspiration the kids go to the park to meet other kids.  This one was the only one there.  He had a very strange name.  I swear it’s the name of a religion but I forgot to write it down.


This teen came over and chatted with them too.  One of them tried to make friends with the child and the other with the teen and they were there until almost midnight before I gave up and sent them all home.


They look so similar I didn’t realize that this was Jaiden starting to cook so I didn’t cancel it out.  He actually does have some cooking skill so I’m still surprised he caught on fire.


At this point, I was totally freaking out.  When he first caught fire I told him to extinguish himself but he didn’t and it wouldn’t bring up the option again either.  I tried to get Donte to come downstairs and do it but it wasn’t bringing up the option for him.  The alarm never went off and the sprinklers didn’t either.  Suddenly Jaiden pulled out the extinguisher and put it out.  So weird!  Must have been bugged somehow?


It was collection day and one of the tasks was to collect from an alien node which he’s been doing every day trying to complete the alien collection.  He’s one away from completing it!


After he finished talking to the constructor thingy he just plopped down and started to play with a toy he had in his inventory.



Level 8!


Still trying to complete that aspiration and also wanting to find another helper for the next generation everyone heads back to the park and the kids meet this girl with an even more unpronounceable name than the last one!  She had like 4 names.


Guys!  You’re supposed to be making friends!


Apparently, the little girl was in the restroom.  When she came out Talon made friends with her.


And since they need to be friends with an adult too for the aspiration Braelyn becomes friends with this guy.


Then it’s time for Jaiden and Donte’s birthdays.  Jaiden was cool about it but you can tell Donte isn’t pleased.


He looks so sad!


He immediately left the house and came home later with a tattoo on his arm and a bunch of t-shirts to wear instead of his long sleeved dress shirts to show it off.  He’s still not happy, though.


He arrived at work and finally got the task to complete another hover lamp.  Now both of the kids will have one.


After that, he walks up to Lynn and accuses her of being an alien!


After some other very rude comments, he criticizes her woohoo technique and walks out the door.


Feeling much better about his age Donte leaves the science career behind him.


And joins the criminal career in hopes to someday be a Boss.


At least someone seems to still have their sanity!


Donte arrives home from the science facility and tells his brother Jaiden about quitting and how he’s going to be a criminal.  Jaiden was shocked at first…


…then he was angry!  After all of these years living with his brother, taking care of his house and kids for him this is the thanks he gets!  His crazy brother can’t handle being an adult so he messes with everyone’s lives?  Well, not his! Jaiden packs up his things, what little he has, and leaves!


He can’t be too far away from his family no matter how angry he is so he finds a little house nearby and adopts a son named Andre.  A/N: This is my drifter 001 house.

Chapter 1.8

I know it seems pretty odd to start the heir poll for the third generation when the second hasn’t even aged to teen yet but that’s how far ahead I am in play.  I considered waiting but then I also would have to wait for results so it would be forever before I got to play again!  So here it is.  It’s a doozy…

Gen 3 Heir Poll

Chapter notes:

No, I haven’t lost my mind… and technically neither has Donte.  The generational goal for gen 1 was midlife crisis and here were his rolls:

3) Re-roll Career(complete within 24 hours) – Re-roll your sim’s career.  Criminal(Boss) – May pickpocket sims
5) Have a romantic crisis(start within 48 hours) – Your sim’s love life is thrown into turmoil. Perhaps they meet a new lover, cheat on their spouse, or simply have a falling out with a long-time partner. This must begin within 48 hours, but doesn’t have to resolve ever.
6) Change style to recapture youth(complete within 24 hours) – Your sim must change their style to recapture their youth. Perhaps even get a tattoo. They can change back after a period of a few days if they want.

As to Jaiden leaving I have been toying with the idea almost from the beginning.  I wanted him to have his happy ending.  I read over all of the rules and couldn’t figure out if it was that helpers could move out when the generational goal was completed or the generation so I decided to go with the generational goal in this case.  Hope you enjoyed the drama!

Donte won’t be able to complete his Curator aspiration now since he was one away from completing the alien collection and nowhere close to completing any of the others.  There’s no way I’m sending him around digging stuff up and breeding frogs just to have to delete it all.


    • In the end I really ended up liking the “new” Donte a lot. I wanted Jaiden to have a happy ending but we don’t really see much of him after he moved out.

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