TS4- Random Legacy II 1.9: Hangin’ Out

Gen 1 Chapter 9


In the pic of his room in the last chapter I’d forgotten to change the wall color from yellow.  It’s now this bright blue. I figured Talon would like it even though it kinda hurts the eyes.  He needed mixology skill for his barista job and I also had him make some drinks for his aspiration.  He only used it once after this.  I have this weird thing about them getting tons of skills while they’re teens and boring the heck out of me through their generation.


Speaking of boring.  Even though I was enjoying the science career it seems like Donte has found his niche in the criminal career.  He seems to really enjoy all the mischief.


What on earth did you get into at school Braelyn?!


I was bored and Braelyn needed fun desperately.  The thought of spending hours watching her watch the tiny tv was not appealing so I went to the gallery and found this movie theater which I love by the way.  It’s Bohemian Movie Reels by Drutrubuilder… in my opinion one of the best builders in Sims 4.


After the movie I was looking around for teens Talon could meet when I heard the money sound and realized he was cooking.  Darnit!  Please don’t catch yourself on fire.  I put them in his inventory after they all had some to take home but forgot and ended up throwing them away anyway.


I found a house full of mostly teenage boys on the gallery called Dovale by SheaDavids.  It’s supposed to be a married couple with a teenager that bring in some of his friends.  Anyway, I wanted Talon to at least meet some of them so he’d have more options for moving someone in later.  The kids he’d met as a child weren’t panning out.  This is the first he’s met named Shea.  I guess the creator named him after themself?


Poor Donte is having a rough time adjusting to the new hours.  It’s really weird for me adjusting as well.  Talon goes to bed super early because he gets up at like 4am, Braelyn goes to bed at like 9pm and then Donte gets home from work at 3am right before Talon gets up.


Here’s Talon on his first day of work.


I have no idea why Braelyn’s fun need seems to go down so much faster than Talon’s but here they are back at the movie theater after school.


After Braelyn left for work Talon went to the park in Willow Creek to shoot some hoops and look for a potential roommate.


He met this kid, Blaze and he’s got some decent traits for someone who will just be helping around the house. Shea had romantic and something else and both would have made him tense all the time.


Promo to level 3!


Then Talon is promoted to level 3 as well!


Donte was out in the neighborhood causing mischief while the kids were in school.  He was picking on the lady cooking hotdogs when this other lady walked up and started smiling at him.


She seemed very interested and so he decided to just start off with a bold pickup line.  He was confident from pickpocketing the other lady.


She was totally into him.


I mean totally.  He was pretty happy until when he asked her to be his girlfriend she said yes then mentioned that she’s married.  She still wants to see him though and calls him a lot.  He just can’t decide what he wants so he doesn’t answer.


At least he got another promotion.


Out of boredom I had Braelyn do the inspired paintings for the first part of her aspiration.  I had to leave one of them on the easel so she doesn’t waste a bunch of money painting.  For the aspiration she’s only allowed to sell the ones needed for level 2.  Once she gets a job she’ll be able to sell the ones needed for her work task at least.  It’s nice because painting is totally overpowered and in their generation, she could have them set for the rest of the legacy if I could paint the way I do in drifter.


I’d put in a spa when I added a bunch of buildings and everyone was tense so they went.  It was really funny, shortly after arriving there uncle Jaiden showed up and sat with them.  Maybe being a father tenses him up?


I was scanning the neighborhood when I saw Jasmine Holiday.  I figured why not?  I wanted to see how this triple boost thing works.


After he gets all boosted Blaze walked by so I figured he could be the first victim.  They were good friends within a few interactions.  It’s crazy!  If he moves in the sweatsuit has to go.




Haha he tried to pickpocket this spa worker.  He did lots of mischief on her and she doesn’t like him but later called him asking him on a date because opposites might attract.  I think the ladies are attracted to Donte’s new bad boy persona.


Back at the movie theater with a bunch of family and friends.  I’m seriously bored when they’re at home since I don’t want to grind out their skills yet.


This girl Jennifer, comes and sits next to Talon seeming all interested in him.  He’s all boosted so by the time she left they were friends.  She needs some makeup for sure and she’s scary pale but Talon’s thinking she may be the one. She says she goes to a different high school than he does.


Braelyn is promoted to level 3.


Then dad gets promoted to level 5.


The kids go to a club with Blaze and Jennifer.  She gives him a big hug.  He’s so smitten.


Later they go to the city for the flea market with their dad now that he’s gotten some sleep.  Sadly there wasn’t anything exciting for sale.  They’ve been saving what little money they make for the new house so I guess it’s kinda pointless right now anyway.


Hanging out at the house after the flea market.


I figured they might as well start the once a week gourmet meal.  Blaze left right before they sat down to eat.


I realized that Braelyn didn’t have a skill to level 3 for an A in school so she worked on her charisma a bit.

braelyna talona



This is the first time they were home when she left for work so I could get a pic.


The guys went to the humor and hijinks festival that night.  Donte got his mischief skill up a couple of levels and the pranksters won.  Talon learned a new recipe but nothing else very exciting happened.  Talon was super tired when they got home.


Dad in his work outfit.  Snazzy!


Then in the morning, it’s Braelyn’s birthday.


I couldn’t think of what last trait to give her so I just went with art lover.




He has to do mean interactions now.  Not sure how he’ll like that.


Then it’s the big day.  With the blowing out of the candles generation 2 will begin!


I figured he’s a pretty outgoing guy.

Chapter 2.1

Chapter notes:

After proofreading this chapter before scheduling it to publish I think the theme is: I didn’t want to be bored so they did such and such.  I said it over and over.  So funny.

I didn’t get Talon his job yet because I was determined to complete the generation and by the time I did I was really tired and forgot!  I used to tell people that my favorite life stage in Sims 4 were teens.  I forgot about that after they are so boring in drifter since I can’t control them.  So this chapter is longer than expected because I actually had fun with them and didn’t high speed at all except when everyone was sleeping.  It really worked out pretty good having Donte change careers because I got so much time with the kids.  I’m having a blast with this generation.  I’m a bit concerned with starting gen 2 because at this point my play is several chapters ahead of the published chapters and if he has kids right away I’ll have to stop for an heir poll while everyone is still reading gen one!  I’m not sure what to do because in legacies I like to have the kids early.  Note: I just left this here although you probably know that I did end up posting the heir poll early.  The gen 3 kids are children at this point and I’ll need to close the poll before they age to teens.  I’d appriciate any votes! Thanks.

Gen 3 Heir Poll


    • That’s good! I seem to do a lot of that. It’s odd playing a “challenge” that isn’t really much of a challenge. I have a lot of extra time.


  1. Lol, when I started posting my story on wordpress, I had already written out and played to early gen three before I decided I wanted to post it! It took a little while to catch up to what I’d already written out, but it helped that I didn’t play or write any more until I got there! I’m excited to see what these kids get up to now that they’re young adults!

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