TS4- Random Legacy II 2.1: Something’s Fishy

Gen 2 Chapter 1

To start off generation two I moved everyone to the new house that I’d built when Talon was voted heir.  After moving in they had $18,986 left plus all of their furniture and stuff from the old house…

02-18-17_8-34-59-am 02-18-17_8-35-53-am 02-18-17_8-36-01-am

Here’s what it looked like when they got there.  Completely bare-bones with only the outside decorated a little.  I wanted to learn everyone’s personalities and stuff before doing any decorating and really I just wanted to build the house I had rattling around in my brain so I’d stop thinking about it!

02-18-17_9-36-11-am 02-18-17_9-36-28-am

Here it is after spending most of the money they saved up.  Still pretty bare in places but it feels like a home now. The nursery area behind the stairs is something I did in my 100 baby challenge house I built in Sims 3.  I thought it would be cool to do it again and I like how it turned out.  The kid’s rooms are just decorated for a boy and girl for now but I’ll change them whenever gen 3 is born/adopted.


Talon joined the culinary career.


After getting the house set up Talon noticed his good friend Blaze walking across the street looking sad.  He ran over to comfort him.


It turns out that the family that let Blaze live with him as a teen has now told him that he needs to move out.  All he has are the clothes on his back.  They didn’t even celebrate his birthday.  Apparently they were just letting him and the other teens live there for the checks they got for taking the boys in.


Talon shows his friend the house and points out that there’s a spare room if he wants it.  Blaze gives him a big hug and accepts his offer.




Talon had learned one of the city recipes at the Humor and Hijinks festival and he cooked it so that Blaze could learn it.  Meanwhile Donte was grabbing a drink at the bar.  Darnit Donte stop wasting money!


Go be mean to someone instead.  I think he enjoyed the mischief a lot more.  I know I did.


Jennifer must have heard about the new house because she was knocking on the door the same day they moved in.


When Talon went to go talk to her she was all flirty with him.  This made him pretty happy since she’d never wanted to flirt with him before.


He gave her a rose and flirted some more.


Things went pretty fast with them and he was sure he was in love.


Inside dad’s watching tv and playing with toys and I notice Blaze in his goofy sweatsuit and decided that of course the family would buy him some new clothes!


I also remembered that I’m allowed to change his aspiration.  No, it’s not Angling Ace.  It’s Freelance Botanist.  He’s just fishing in Willow Creek while he waits for the potatoes to be harvestable.  He can put the fish in the fridge, use them as fertilizer or use them as bait for other fish so it’s not a waste of time.  As to the plants that he’ll be gardening, he can put them all in the fridge for cooking.  He needs some sort of hobby since he won’t be working.


Back at the house, Talon’s thinking that Jennifer might be almost too flirty.  She seems to be overdoing it a bit.  He invites her to spend the night anyway.


After work Braelyn paints for her daily task.  Luckily she’s allowed to sell these paintings or she’d be wasting a lot of money paying for supplies just to throw them away.


Once Talon is sleeping Jennifer sneaks out of the house.


Ugh.  I wanted her to cook the one city recipe she knew so Blaze could learn it.  I didn’t realize she had 0 cooking skill!


Well, that didn’t go as planned.  What really sucked is that the stove and counter didn’t have an option to replace them like they usually do and it gave me $0 in build mode when I sold them.  I splurged on a better stove and replaced the fridge too leaving them with barely any money left.  Hopefully, the bills won’t be too high.


Talon’s getting some snazzy drink making tricks.


Blaze is back to fishing while waiting on the elusive potato plant.


Braelyn is promoted to level 4.


While he was in Willow Creek Blaze bought some starter seed packs so he has something to care for while waiting for the potatoes.


Haha!  What?  I guess it’s cuz they’re partners in crime?


Partners in crime and best friends.  I’m glad that Talon won the heir vote so they could stay together.


I almost forgot about gourmet meal Sunday!  Donte had to wake up and cook before Talon left for work since Blaze barely has any cooking skill yet.


After spending several more hours fishing in Willow Creek Blaze is finally rewarded with a single potato to plant back home!


Donte makes fun of this guy’s goofy outfit and ugly hair.  Seriously though?  That’s the worst hair in the game!


Talon is promoted to level 4!


When Talon gets home Jennifer is standing at the door waiting for him again.  He’s a little confused since she snuck out before he woke up the other day when she spent the night but he leans in to give her a kiss anyway.  He’s even more confused when she pushes him away!  Why’d she come to the house in the first place?


Then she apologized and asked if she could spend the night again.  He’s starting to get a bad feeling about this girl but he really likes her so he agrees anyway.

Chapter 2.2

Chapter notes:

As you might have noticed I closed the gen 3 heir poll.  It was overwhelmingly in the first child’s favor and since the kids were about to age to teens and I had a whole story already written out for that outcome I decided there was no point in keeping it open.  Thank you to those that voted.  It means a lot to me.  I’m really enjoying doing more than one roll.  I used to just roll the number of kids and whichever came up would be the heir.


  1. My thoughts as I went:
    – I love the new house!
    – Aww, Blaze!
    – I wonder if he’ll marry Jennifer?
    – Omg, a fire?! Quick, someone save her!
    – I’m also glad Talon won!
    – Ok, I’m not too sure if I like Jennifer… I guess we’ll see!

    Liked by 1 person

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