Random Legacy Gen 4 Heir Poll

Please note: If you don’t feel like reading the details of each roll just scroll down to the differences section at the bottom. Thanks for taking the time to vote!

Child 1-

A) Marital Status: Couple – Your heir must obtain a romantic live-in partner. They do not have to be married.
B) Number of Children: 1
C) Primary Career: Gardener – Plant, harvest and sell produce and flowers of all kinds.
D) Secondary Career: Unemployed
E) Generation Goals: Fulfilled – The heir and spouse(if applicable) must complete their first aspiration. If the spouse is accidentally too old when they move in to have time to complete an aspiration, they are not required to do so, but try to be reasonable with this provision.
F) Miscellaneous “Fun”: Hands Off! – You may not use the “hand of god” to clean up books and so on. Sims must clean up on their own. Selling things from their inventory is okay.

Child 2-

A) Marital Status: Mixed Single w/ Help
B) Number of Children: 2 (1 adopted)
C) Primary Career: Freelance Author – Write and publish whatever you want whenever you want.
D) Secondary Career: Freelance Musician – Play a musical instrument of your choice in public to earn money from tips. You may also sell jingles and license songs you’ve written. If you have City Living, singing counts as an instrument.
E) Generation Goals: Best Club Ever – Your heir must start their own club from scratch this generation. To complete this goal, the following criteria must be met concurrently:
* The club must have 8 members. Sims may not join the club unless they are already friends with the club leader, so get to recruiting!
* The club must have a hangout built specially for them, either on your home lot or on a community lot. The hangout should contain enough seating for the entire club and any necessary items to complete club activities. If you build on a community lot from the map view, take note of how much money you “spent” on the hangout and subtract it from your family’s funds.
* The club should have all ranks of one of the emotional vibes purchased, depending on the club’s focus. Happy counts.
* The club door perk must be unlocked(since you have a hangout)
* In addition, three other club spirit perks(hats, jackets, wall decorations, etc) must be unlocked and used.
F) Miscellaneous “Fun”: Hands Off! – You may not use the “hand of god” to clean up books and so on. Sims must clean up on their own. Selling things from their inventory is okay.

Child 3-

A) Marital Status: Full House – The same as single with 2 help, except there’s three helpers.
B) Number of Children: 2
C) Primary Career: Social Media(Internet Personality) – May advertise on your social media page.
D) Secondary Career:
Helper 1- Tech Guru(Start-up Entrepeneur) – No additional money-making opportunities.
Helper 2- Freelance Author – Write and publish whatever you want whenever you want.
Helper 3- Unemployed
E) Generation Goals: Midlife Crisis – This generation, one of the heir, spouses(including second chances) or helpers will experience a randomly-generated midlife crisis event. Between when this generation is rolled and when the first of the eligible sims reaches the adult lifestage(not YA), determine who will go through the crisis. If you have not picked someone before the first sim reaches adulthood, or is moved in as an adult, that sim will be the one. Once the selected sim reaches adulthood(and not sooner!), roll three times to determine three aspects to the midlife crisis from the chart below, re-rolling if you receive a duplicate. Each aspect has a deadline which it must either be completed or started during. The goal is complete when all aspects have been completed.
1) Re-roll Miscellaneous Fun(complete within 24 hours) – Your Miscellaneous Fun roll will change. It takes effect immediately, with weekly tasks starting the following Sunday.
2) Randomize a trait(complete within 24 hours) – Randomly determine which of your sim’s traits will change, then use a cheat to remove that trait, replacing it with another that has been randomly determined.
3) Re-roll Career(complete within 24 hours) – Re-roll your sim’s career. This means a new primary career if it’s the heir, and a new secondary career if it’s a spouse or spare.
4) Make a major purchase(complete within 24 hours) – Buy something shiny and expensive(relative to how much wealth you have) for your house.
5) Have a romantic crisis(start within 48 hours) – Your sim’s love life is thrown into turmoil. Perhaps they meet a new lover, cheat on their spouse, or simply have a falling out with a long-time partner. This must begin within 48 hours, but doesn’t have to resolve ever.
6) Change style to recapture youth(complete within 24 hours) – Your sim must change their style(mirror and dresser, CAS cheats if necessary) to recapture their youth. Perhaps even get a tattoo. They can change back after a period of a few days if they want.
7) Gain a new skill(complete within 1 week) – Your sim must gain at least 5 skill levels in a skill they haven’t used much previously. This counts from the level they’re currently at, so if a sim has level 2 charisma, they must attain level 7.
8) Have a child(complete within 1 week) – Your sim must either have a biological child or adopt a child. Either way, it will be raised with the rest of the generation’s children. Add one child to the number of children you will have this generation.
9) Randomize Aspiration(complete within 24 hours) – Randomly pick a new aspiration for your sim, throwing out any that are incompatible with your other rolls. If you also have to re-roll your sim’s career, use the new career when determining aspiration compatibility.
F) Miscellaneous “Fun”: Clubber – Starting from childhood or the time they join the household, the heir and every spouse/helper must belong to a club, attending a meeting at least once a week. They do not have to belong to the same club, though they can if you want. If you choose to use a household club, please keep in mind the rules about how to avoid making clubs cheaty(#19 under the Rules), specifically the ones prohibiting having a constant club gathering running at all times. They must actually get together in a group and do a thing in order to have a club gathering, you can’t just run a gathering while they’re all sleeping or doing random tasks around the house.


  1. Child 1 would be married but only have one child-no heir poll. They could do nothing for money but garden and their partner wouldn’t work. They would both have to complete their aspirations and I would not be allowed to “hand of god” any of the dishes and stuff.
  2. Child 2 would be single with one helper so one of the kids from gen 3 could stay on and they will have one biological and one adopted child. They would write books and their helper would play an instrument for tips and stuff. They would have to start a club and build a club hangout and various other club related goals… they also rolled the “hand of god” thing.
  3. Child 3 would be the same as gen 3: single with 3 helpers so all of the kids could stay if they want and this one would have two biological kids. They would do social media and one of their helpers would be a tech guru while the other writes books, the last would be unemployed. There would be another midlife crisis like in the first gen and everyone in the house would need to be in a club either separate or together and they would have to attend a meeting once a week.

Note: I know I just did the gen 3 heir poll a few days ago!  The club things would have to start as children so it’s better if I know ahead of time.  Khloe will have a child that won’t be eligible to be heir which is why there are only three options not four.  I’m able to do this poll so early because with a full house there’s no chance of twins throwing off the number of children.  I won’t be able to do that in the 4th gen so there’ll be a big gap (hopefully) between polls.


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