TS4- Random Legacy II 2.2: Deception Revealed

Gen 2 Chapter 2


Just like every other night when Talon arrived home from work Jennifer was there.  He asked her to move in but she refused.  She had even started working with him at the restaurant saying she wanted to spend more time together.  But like every other night, she also left once he’d fallen asleep.


She’d sneak away from the house in the middle of the night.


His dad and Blaze liked to give him a hard time over it in the mornings.  He joked that at least he had someone even if she seemed to have commitment issues or something.


Yikes!  Those tripled.


Now that he had the elusive potato Blaze wanted a tomato and onion.  He heard from Talon’s gardener friend Ezequiel that the only place to find tomatoes was this little garden in Oasis Springs.  So every day he went there waiting for the tomatoes to be ready to harvest.


After Talon’s ribbing about them not having any fun Blaze and Donte went out to a club while Talon was at work.


Donte called up his old flame Izumi to come with them.  He was starting to feel his age and wanted to sow some oats so to speak before he settled down.


Yep.  Still got it.


While Donte and Izumi were getting their groove on Blaze met Weston.  He was very flirty despite having the un-flirty trait and was totally upfront with Blaze that he’s married.


Blaze didn’t mind.  Now, what can Talon say?


Poor guy is exhausted the next day.


Time to work on that cooking skill!  He’s been watching a lot of cooking shows but he’s still a bit nervous about the stove so he opts to make some fruit salad instead.


Jennifer showed up at the door yet again.  Talon told her she should leave and she started crying.


He felt bad and apologized asking her to come inside despite the bad feeling he was starting to get about this whole strange relationship.


She did stay for a few hours and sleep before she was gone again before he woke up.


Blaze sat Talon down and told him flat out he needs to do something about Jennifer.  This relationship is just not normal.


Level 5!


But when she slinks to the house that night after he got home from work looking a bit guilty he couldn’t turn her away.  He’s come to care for her even if she is acting really odd.


Too bad she doesn’t seem to feel the same way about him.


Blaze is back to Oasis Springs fishing up a storm but has yet to get the vegetables he’s waiting for.


That night Talon didn’t have work.  He was watching tv when a woman that looked very familiar knocked on the door. When she started talking he realized it was Jennifer.  It had been awhile since she’d come by the house and she wasn’t taking his calls.  She was very sad and tried to explain that she wasn’t his age at all.  That she was just pretending because she wanted another baby and her husband didn’t want one.  Husband!  Talon saw red!


He was furious!  What gave this woman the right to toy with him.  To convince him that they had a relationship and a future and then to have the idea she would actually take off with his child?  She was obviously pregnant and if her story was true it wasn’t her husband’s baby.


She had the nerve to ask if she could stay there that night.  He told her she could sleep in one of the kid’s rooms.


When she got in there he went to the door to say something and heard her begging her husband to take her back and raise Talon’s baby.  He was even more furious.


In the morning he told Braelyn and Blaze about the whole thing before Jennifer came out of the bedroom.  Then she had the nerve to sit down at the table trying to get sympathy from him.  He acted shocked at first that her husband wouldn’t take her back.


Then he told her off and said she had to stay until his baby was born then she was out the door.  She hurt him so it’s his turn to hurt her back.  Especially since she was trying to get her husband to raise his kid!  Buh-bye.  The others really enjoyed the show.  They all knew something was going on although nobody could have guessed this.


I don’t think her plan worked how she’d thought it would at all.  She vows to get her revenge.


Enough of all this sadness and drama!  It’s a special day after-all.  It’s time for Donte to become an elder.  Talon threw a party and invited Jaiden and Andre.


Time to put down the toy and blow out the candles Donte!



Wow isn’t he a handsome elder?


Haha and there are his kids.  Playing with toys just like he always does.  He’s going to be a grandpa soon but that doesn’t mean he’ll always act like one.


He did retire, though.  Level 7, not bad.

Chapter 2.3

Chapter notes:

Okay so I had this idea in my head from the time he met Jennifer at the movies but I didn’t really plan to make this whole little story out of it.  You know how I am with stories.  The problem is adding in my little tidbits and commentary to a chapter that is mostly story seems weird.  I actually left some stuff out because it just seemed to break up the flow of things.  Anywho gen 3 is on its way and Jennifer is on her way out the door!  All I gotta say is buckle in cuz it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Note from the future: First, wow it was weird seeing Donte not an elder.  Second, in the end, the whole story thing is inevitable.  It practically writes itself.  Which is why I’m having the gen 4 heir poll before the kids are even born. So much of what will happen in this second generation is based on the rolls for the third generation.  I’m not doing 4 kids, someone else in the house will have a child too.  I thought 4 was too confusing to read and I wanted this person to have a baby anyway.

Gen 4 Heir Poll


  1. Ooooo interesting! I half thought Jennifer was going to be a secret alien or something!

    Also, I love that everyone is writing notes to the future now! It’s one of my favorite things. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I thought it up when I saw her and thought she was a teen when she sat by him at the movie park. With all these single male heirs I have to be creative with having kids.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I’ll keep doing these…

    -What is UP with Jennifer?! Like damn, girl!
    -Aww, Blaze and Weston are so cute!
    -I swear Jennifer’s going to get pregnant.
    -Hot damn, she IS pregnant!!
    -Yes, finally! He should have broken up with her a LONG TIME AGO smh
    -Whoa, he’s an elder?!

    Liked by 1 person

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