TS4- Random Legacy II 2.3: Bad Romance

Gen 2 Chapter 3


Braelyn wanted to get out of the house away from Jennifer so she went to the museum for a little inspiration.


Since she was so close to the movie theater that she and Talon had spent so much of their teens years at she stopped by.  One of the boys they used to play on the playground with was there and they started chatting.


She was feeling kinda lonely despite there being so many others in the house and he seemed pretty into her but when she tried to sneak a kiss he freaked out and pushed her away.


Don’t sweat it Brea, you’re too good for that jerk anyway.  Maybe you’ll find a way to get back at him someday?     Hint hint wink wink


I think everyone feels pretty awkward having Jennifer there.  They try to play it off and ignore her for the most part.


Until she gets it in her head to try to flirt or something crazy.


Blaze spends more time in Oasis Springs fishing and waiting on his vegetables.


Finally, the onion is ready!  He eagerly runs to the tomato plant but is disappointed to see it is still not yet harvestable.


He really didn’t want to go home so he made some hot dogs and watched the plant hoping it would soon bear fruit. He headed home when it started getting dark.


Braelyn gets her first masterpiece.


And Talon is promoted to level 5!


In the morning Jennifer came into Blaze’s room trying to trash talk about Talon.  At first, he’s confused but once he realizes she’s serious he asks her to leave his room.


He wonders how he could have considered her a friend.  Her relationship with everyone in the house was based on lies.


After that fun little chat, he decided to spend as much of the rest of the day in Oasis Springs as he could and was rewarded with a single tomato to plant!  I think this one may have taken longer than the elusive potato!


Braelyn is promoted to level 6!


As soon as he gets home Blaze goes back to his little garden and plants his tomato.  He wonders if he missed any vegetables, fruits or herbs?  There are some fruit trees he’s missed for sure.


The family doesn’t really interact with Jennifer and vice versa.  She’s spent most of her time there sleeping.  Author’s note: This is the problem with writing a story.  When I write a character that I dislike I REALLY dislike them.  This is the case with Jennifer.


Talon agrees with me.  She’s thinking “He won’t make me leave I’m having his baby!” he’s thinking “Just die already!” Okay, maybe he said it?  Meanwhile, I’m thinking is she ever going to go into labor?


Yes!  She did finally go into labor.  Talon is feeling very confident about the upcoming birth of his child.


While they’re waiting he runs over to get a good luck hug from Drago.


Are y’all going to stand out there chatting all darned night???


Finally, the doctor heads in.  Jennifer doesn’t seem so sure about her big plan anymore.  Talon just wants his baby.


And he gets him!  Meet Dion Carrara the first of the third generation of Carrara’s.  A/N: Dion is later voted heir.


When he gets home from the hospital he sees Jennifer waiting outside for him.  She actually has the audacity to ask him if she can stay!  Then she tried to hug him.


Talon put his foot down.  He told her to go.  Good-bye Jennifer go mess with someone else’s head.  Sadly, this isn’t the last we’ll see of her.



While Talon’s outside telling off Jennifer Blaze is taking care of little Dion.


Grandpa seems to like the new dollhouse.  I made some improvements to the house.  Despite not trying at all to use paintings or anything to make extra money they still have quite the surplus… or had.


I found him sitting here.  Awe!


Wow!  He’s like a mini-Talon.  I did change his skin color to one between Talon and Jennifer’s but he’s still much paler.


Time to adopt!


It’s a girl named Khloe.  I thought getting a baby would be more of a surprise since we won’t know hair color or anything.  More random.


Oh no!


Awe poor baby.


Daddy comforts him.


He was supposed to be potty training when I heard Dion giggling and saw this.  Awe!  So cute.


Just another day in the Carraro house.  It’s so funny having so many childish sims together.


A little cuddle from grandpa.  That’s the best part of these legacies.  I actually get to have the grandparents spend time with their grandchildren.


Gotta work on those thinking skills.  While Talon’s at work everyone pitches in with the kids.


Level 6!  He’s finally branched off.


Then little Khloe ages up to toddler as well.  Black hair!  I love these surprises.  I did the gen 3 rolls for the poll right after this and I have to tell you my mind is blown.  Either way, gen 3 is going to be difficult!  I’m planning to do the poll soon so by the time this is published we might already know who the heir will be.  A/N: I’m just going to leave these little remarks in where I don’t know who the heir is because it’s kind of cool.  Also, I kind of teared up seeing them as babies and toddlers again!

Chapter 2.4

Gen 4 Heir Poll


  1. And…here we go!
    – what the – why did he hit her?!
    – lol, I saw the picture before I read the caption, that makes much more sense
    – yay for Brea’s first masterpiece!
    – just get out of the house already, Jennifer!!
    – Aww, the kids are so cute! The red hair lives on, haha.
    – I’m going to finish reading for the night, but I’ll be back tomorrow! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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