TS4- Random Legacy II 2.4: Plenty of Teachers

Gen 2 Chapter 4


Be prepared for lots of toddler cuteness spam.  What on earth did I write my chapters about before toddlers?


As the title suggests I wanted to help the kids get a good start in their skills.  First, is thinking up to 3 and potty up to 2.  The most important skills in my opinion although if the kids are on the top floor then movement 2 would be a must.


She was sad about too much flash cards and went to aunt Brealyn for comfort.  She did this a lot so it must have been from her trait.  I believe she was angelic.


Daddy giving Dion a bath.  He’s chewing on the rubber duck, too cute!


Haha look at all of them.  Grandpa playing while Khloe learns with the blocks and both daddy and Blaze help.


I wanted to have him do something with one of the toddlers and when I looked I couldn’t find him.  He’d gone next door to the little park and grilled some steak.  I sent him home… with the steaks.


More cuteness.  I’m really not sure if playing dolls with them helps creativity or not.  Supposedly doing skilling with a older sim increases the speed.


He got a lot of books read to him too.  Since he’s silly he was almost always playful which gets a boost for imagination skill.


What on earth?  I think he was waiting for someone to come out to talk to them or he had been talking to someone who went in there.  I thought he was outside tending his little garden.


Chillin’ out with grandpa eating a burrito.


Braelyn branched off in her level 7 promotion!


Then Talon got promoted a few hours later to level 7!


This was hilarious!  She woke up and went upstairs then woke up Blaze, Braelyn, and grandpa before I stopped her so she wouldn’t wake up daddy since he’d worked late.


This is the cuteness I adore and why I love having more than one toddler at once!


But if you thought the last pic was cute this is even cuter!  I totally didn’t set this up at all.  I put the steaks out for Khloe and Dion ran over and grabbed one too and they carried them back to the couch and started talking.  The cuteness is overwhelming!


They both had all skills over 3 and I have never had a toddler get a skill to level 5 so I wanted to see what happens. Khloe was always happy so she learned communication fast and Dion was always playful and learned imagination fast so they worked on those.


One right after the other!


This was adorable.  Grandpa and the kids talking.  They really are a lot more expressive with a higher communication skill.  Once they’d hit the goal of having a level 5 skill I just let them roam and do what they liked.


What the?  Okay, so I’ll admit I recognize this vampire.  MC Command Center came out with an update that allows you to delete all the vampires which I did.  Then when more spawned I ran the report that gave me their names and found them in manage worlds and gave all three of them makeovers.  Of course, the game will generate more eventually but when I see them walking on the sidewalk outside of the house I want them to look like vampires darn it!


The unexpected bonus of giving them all makeovers myself is that this didn’t bother me as much as it did when it happened in my drifter challenge.


I was trying to get an angle where you can see his dark form but I couldn’t.  Poor Blaze.  He was so uncomfortable once he woke up.


Then the next morning the pop-up announced Dion’s birthday.  I guess if you age them up to toddler in the morning it changes their birthday time to that time.  Good to know.


Hmm kind of disappointing.  Having level 5 in a skill didn’t really help here.  So really the goal should be 3 of all for the added trait if anything.  At the very least 3 in knowledge and potty.  Since he was playful his whole toddlerhood for the most part and he was silly I gave him the goofball trait.  If he’s the heir he’ll be popping through 5 careers so it’s hard to give him a career-focused trait.


Awe such a daddy’s boy!  This is where I stop because if Khloe is the heir her traits will need to be different than if Dion is.  The heir poll has been up a day at this point and so far it’s leaning towards Dion but we’ll just have to see!

Chapter 2.5


    • Thanks! Dion’s finally had his kids and I’ve decided to take a break for at least a few days from it because I’m 2 weeks ahead in my play than what’s posted!


  1. I’m BAACK! Lol.
    – toddlers are the absolute cutest!
    – it’s awesome how the toddlers’ movements change the more they level up! Level 1 movement they can barely walk, but Level 5, they’re running around like crazy!
    – Vampires kinda seem annoying – it’s why I haven’t gotten that pack
    – if you get them all to level three, they get a special trait, and if you get them all to level 5, they get a different special trait
    – Dion’s adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay you’re back! This was when the Vampire pack had first released. I don’t have the vamp problems in any of the newer saves like this one. Even now when I play it I get way more of them breaking into the house. It’s so weird!

      Liked by 1 person

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