TS4- Random Legacy II 2.5: Celebrate Life

Gen 2 Chapter 5


This greeted me when I started up the game.


I spent like an hour having Blaze take pictures of the ground so that he could get photography 5 and memorialize Donte.




I thought it was only fitting that Jaiden was included as well.


Our adorable girl won’t be a toddler much longer.


This is a close family.  They’re almost always spending their time together.  Usually centered around the little bar since that’s where Talon is.


Dion asks grandpa Donte why he doesn’t call someone to fix the broken stereo and Donte smiles and tells him when he finishes his homework he’ll tell him all about it.


Dion eagerly completes his homework and calls his grandpa over to the couch for the story.  “As long as anyone can remember the Cararro family has been blessed with house gnomes.  We don’t know why but they follow us from house to house and in the night when everyone is sleeping they sneak in and repair anything that is broken!”  Dion is so enthralled by the story he tells it to anyone who will listen for years and even watches when something breaks to see if it will be repaired when he wakes in the morning, it always is!


Dion goes to bed with visions of friendly gnomes in his head but they are quickly forgotten because it’s Khloe’s birthday!



She’s adorable as a child too!


Talon learned how to make flaming drinks.


Then the inevitable happens.


Our founder and loved father and grandfather has passed away.


Blaze hears the crying and runs into the house to see what’s happened.


I later changed out the flowers for his simray because it felt more appropriate.  He will be dearly missed.


Braelyn had been upstairs painting so she missed the passing of her father.  Talon offered Grim a drink and Braelyn makes small talk with him.


Seeing everyone’s friendly treatment to Grim, little Khloe invites him to join her in a game of chess.  After the game is over Grim thanks the family for the kindness and takes his leave to guide another sim on their journey.


The family missed gourmet Sunday so they sat down to have a gourmet meal when Dion got home from school. Everyone was very sad and crying as they ate.


Talon finally told them this was enough!  Donte wouldn’t have wanted them all to be mourning his death like this but instead celebrating his life!  He’d done so much in his life and it should be honored.


So they threw a party and had an open door policy to any neighbors that wanted to come.


Everyone was still sad but they did their best to put on a brave face for the party.  Dressing up in black and white was fun at least.


Everyone enjoyed talking about Donte and how he’d touched their lives.


They even danced a little.  (The guy in all black to the right is cousin Andre.)


Even though the party was his idea, in the end, Talon couldn’t stand being around everyone while he was so sad.


As he sat trying to think how he would go on without his father one of the party guests came outside to comfort him.


They sat for hours talking and he had a feeling that he knew her somehow.  This and her kindness made him feel close to her.





As she walked out the door and out of his life the woman whispered, “I love you Talon.”


In the morning Braelyn told Talon off for allowing himself to get involved with another woman.  The worst part is that nobody could remember who she was or who had invited her.  Talon was once again broken hearted and swore off love completely.  But in the years that passed his family would notice him looking for the woman whenever they left the house.


Things returned to normal and the family moved on the best that they could.


They began playing again and made some friends.


Dion was very popular with the other kids while Khloe enjoyed staying home and playing chess more and wouldn’t stay out very long.


Despite this, they were as close as always and became best friends.  After hugging his sister Dion noticed a girl walking outside the window.


He ran out to meet her and was instantly smitten.  She was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen and he hoped he’d see more of her.  She said she couldn’t stay and talk because it was dark and she needed to get home.



For your entertainment: This dude walked into their house and grabbed food out of the fridge and started to eat. Nobody in the house knew him.  There was no option to ask him to leave so I had to use MC Command Center to cheat him into leaving!


Braelyn was promoted to level 8!

Chapter 2.6

Chapter notes:

At this point, the heir poll is leaning unanimously in Dion’s favor.  I’ve already made a page full of notes and as you’ve probably guessed I’m setting the groundwork for the third generation now.  Anyone that reads my stories knows that “story” is usually a very loose term for me but as things go on from here expect more story with a little of my normal commentary mixed in.  Hopefully, the commentary doesn’t detract from the story because it would be hard for me to do without it completely.


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