TS4- Random Legacy II 2.6: Making Friends

Gen 2 Chapter 6


The kids were still having a hard time with their grandfather’s passing.  Luckily they had a good dad to comfort them and help them move on.


One day the guy, Weston, that Blaze met at the club came knocking on the door.  They’d talked on the phone a few times but hadn’t seen each other since that night.


He decided to take his time with Weston when he could get it.  Even if Weston was interested in leaving his wife Blaze has no interest in leaving Talon and his family.


Talon learned a new bar trick.  This one is a bit scary!


A little daddy/daughter time.


When Dion saw Audra walking in the neighborhood he ran to catch up to her.


They spent hours talking and later looked at the stars until his dad yelled for him to come inside.


I told you that bar trick was scary!  They had to replace the bar completely.


Poor Blaze was pretty upset over the fire.


He took a little break to relax fishing.


Dion needed another adult friend so invited over his second cousin Andre.  At one point Andre went upstairs and when I looked later I realized he’d stolen the saucer lamp off of the desk.


Speaking of stealing things when Talon saw his daughter outside talking to this kid, Terrance, he went out and told her it was time to come inside.  When she asked him why he said he’d heard that Terrance was caught stealing someting and that his mom moved him and his sister here because he’d had problems in his old school.  Protective dad mode enabled.


Khloe was confused but went inside like her dad asked and had Blaze help her with her homework.


Since her painting skill was so good Braelyn decided to do portraits of all of the family.


Blaze realized that he hadn’t taken a photo of the kids yet.


The memorial wall is complete.  All they need now are some teen pictures and paintings of the kids.


This is when I realized that the saucer lamp was gone!


It was the weekend and the kids were feeling cooped up so their dad took them and some friends to the movie park.


Khloe wasn’t very interested in the movie.


When Talon realized Khloe was with Terrance he decided to keep an eye on them.


The rest of the kids played a game of Don’t Wake the Llama.


Then they all played on the spaceship before Talon had to go to work and sent them all home.


Khloe tells Dion all about how she’s going to go up in a rocket ship just like their grandpa Donte used to do when he was a scientist.  She figures she doesn’t need to be a scientist to build a rocket.  Both of the kids idolize their grandfather.


She’s already started making plans for her rocket and what she’ll need to travel in space.


One night Donte visited to see how things were going.  He grabbed one of the drinks out of the fridge and had a nice chat with Talon after he got home from work.


Even childish as a ghost.


When Dion woke up he went in to have a chat before disappearing.


Audra came home after school with Dion and Talon entertained the kids with a book.


Then it was time to celebrate Braelyn’s birthday.  Where has the time gone?







Chapter 2.7

Chapter notes:

At this point, if 7 people jump onto the blog and vote for Khloe as heir I’m going to have a hard time re-thinking the next generation. I didn’t make any of the kids they’ve met.  I have no idea why there are so many kids in this save.  I think it has something to do with the playground areas near the house.  There are seriously like 20 of them in manage worlds.  I just picked ones that were near the house that didn’t have unpronounceable names.  


  1. Aw, I’m glad their dad is comforting them
    Blaze + Weston are still so cute!
    Oooh, so Audra’s her name…
    Omg, I’ve never had a bar catch on fire!
    It’s nice that they’re doing so much to remember all the generations!
    It’s fun to see the kids doing so much!
    What? How is Brealyn an adult already?

    Liked by 1 person

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