TS4- Random Legacy Bonus: Building the Mansion

Gen 3 Bonus: Building the Mansion

Nobody knows the woes that are soon to befall the Carraro family in the third generation yet so I can’t really give a backstory of why Dion decided to move his family to a new home for a fresh start.  I moved the family at the start of the second generation to their current house and added on to the house at the end of that generation.  The thing with a random legacy is that you can have 8 sims all living in the house at one time needing beds.  It makes building for them all tricky.  When I decided they needed a nicer house I was reminded of an idea I had when Sims 4 first came out.  I’ve always wanted to build a house with emotional rooms.  Some of the rooms have emotional paintings in them that Braelyn painted for me in her last days.  The problem with these emotional rooms is that I wanted to build the rooms individually instead of making my normal square and rectangular box rooms.  I asked on Twitter if anyone had built their houses room by room like puzzle pieces and ElderJymm replied with a link to a puzzle house challenge collab on YouTube.  I watched all of the videos and soaked it up like a sponge.  Big thanks to all of them for their wonderful tips! Without further ado, the house: (Play spot the gnome while looking at the completed pics!) 


I decided to start with the baby/toddler nursery room.  I wanted it to be a really fun room that even the children and adults in the house would want to spend time in.


I saw the fenced in area idea in one of the puzzle collab videos and thought it was cool.  I kept the bassinets away from the wall because it’s easier to take screenshots when they’re away from the wall.


A comfy reading nook on the other side of the room will have the tots imaginations running wild!


The items for an inspired room.  Desk for writing, easels for painting and musical instruments.


And this is how it turned out.  I tried to match the room colors with the color on their icon when they feel that mood.


Next, I did a focusing room.  Desk for gaming and programming, chess table, woodworking table, chemistry table, meditation stool and yoga mat.


I was hesitant about putting the yoga and meditation items in the same room with the other stuff but the fish tank makes a nice divider and I like the way it looks.  I tried to look at it like activities that families might do together.


On the other side of the divider.  I tried to give this a nerdy sciency feel.


Energized room!  Exercise equipment and a sauna to relax after.


The sauna is behind the camera.  You can see the door to it behind the treadmill in the mirror.


Time for the playful room!  Sims need a place for writing jokes, working in the social media career and doing comedy.  I wanted to have it overly goofy and colorful looking.


Kind of hard on the eyes but I really like it.


Since the angry room didn’t have a lot of items I didn’t take a before pic.  The angry mood is good for the mischief skill.


Feeling flirty anyone?  With this legacy, a room like this will help out a lot!  I’ve rarely rolled married couples so my single parents need to seduce their lovers.  Hence the convenient closet.  Closet woohoo is my favorite to screenshot.


The room was awfully bare so I added a globe bar and a gramophone to listen to some romantic music.  There’s also a side table with candles behind the camera.


No before pics of the living area.  I built the dining room first.  I wanted to do this neat dividing wall and decided this room would look cool on the other side.  Look!  I actually was able to use one of those huge rugs I always pine over!  I’m sure I’ll add more to this room to make it more lived-in at some point.  I started running out of money so I couldn’t get into the detail work.


On the other side of the dividing wall are the dining room and bar areas.  I wanted it nice and big for parties.  Plus, at times this family is huge!  Behind the camera are doors going to the back deck.


Connecting to the dining is the kitchen.  I wanted something bright and fun.  A lot hasn’t been placed yet because I want to bring it from their house when they move.


I took this pic in build mode before I started piecing the rooms together.


I managed to get them all on the first floor except the flirty room.  I used a couple bathrooms to connect tricky spots and had to change around some doorways.  I think I had to only make one room bigger and that was the inspired room so it would match up in front with the focused room.


Before this pic, I realized that I hadn’t left room for the staircase going to the second floor!  I had to widen the hall to make room.


Here’s the upstairs.  The bedrooms don’t all look like that now but I didn’t bother taking pics of them since I didn’t do all that much more to them.


The upstairs isn’t completed yet.  I decided to make the entire landing area one big game room instead of making a closed off game room.  This area connects all 7 bedrooms and 2 baths.  The wall behind the puppet theater has the collection room which only has photos and portraits right now.  I got a bit lazy when it came to the bedrooms I’m afraid.  I saved the ones from the old house and placed them up here for now.  I was exhausted and running out of money and ideas.


Since there was no room for a backyard I decided to offset the house to leave room for activities on the side.  The dirt area by the deck with the little fence and other stuff there is for the kitchen garden plants to go when they move.


Here’s a better pic of the pool I took in build mode.  I built a wall that formed a foundation to put rocks, plants, and fountains on and then built the pool off of that.  Placing the flowers around the well caused a lot of grief.  The dude is some random townie I moved in so I could access the inventory to place the career rewards and test as I built.


Back deck area.  The doors on the right go to the dining and the left goes to the living.  I’m sure as the house is played this area will get more of a lived-in feel to it.


The other side of the house with a grave area that will be expanded as the generations go on.  The lit square is for Khloe’s rocket.


Here’s a night pic I took in build mode.


Isn’t he creepy?

When I saved the lot to my library so I can move it to the random legacy save it valued at $237k!  I have no plans to post the entire house to the gallery since I built it for my legacy family but if anyone is interested in individual rooms I will put them up for you. Thanks for watching my crazy build as it progressed.  This build took almost 14 hours total and it’s not finished!  I’m posting this now as a bonus because I can’t think of anything in the house that gives away anything that happens in the third generation.  They won’t be moving into this mansion until chapter 3.9 after the heir ages up.  *wink*  Looking forward to everyone catching up!

EDIT: After a huge mix-up with the money when they moved, which I won’t go into here, I uploaded almost all of the rooms to the gallery.  It’s a lot so I’m not going to link them here but if you search origin id: Rainydayz179 you’ll find them.  I think I have only one other room in my catalogue.


    • Thanks! I had this whole mix up with money when they moved and I was totally confused and deleted half the rooms in the house, quit playing, and then thought about it and realized I was wrong and I was only a little short. What a pain!

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