TS4- Random Legacy II 2.7: Double Standard?

Gen 2 Chapter 7


It’s time for Talon to age to adult.  The timing seems all weird because I’ve got the young adult lifestage set at 26 days since I took some from the baby/toddler/child/teen stages.


The family surprises him with a little garden area since he had been complaining that it didn’t seem right just having his dad’s grave sitting out by itself.


He makes a wish for happiness.  A/N: I decided to keep the wish results kind of even, they can only make an offering of $1,000.


Gourmet Sunday has morphed into Gourmet whatever day they’re all home at the same time to eat together.


Then it’s Blaze’s turn to age to adult.  He told everyone he didn’t want anything for his birthday.  Having them welcome him in and treat him like family is gift enough.


And they are one big happy family.


In the morning it’s Dion’s turn.


I think he’s pretty cute!  For some reason, since he and his father have different hair cuts his hair is a darker red.


His dad surprised him with his own bedroom.


The kids play chess most of the day since Khloe didn’t go to school so she’d be there for Dion’s birthday.  The next day is her birthday anyway so it’s not like it matters if she doesn’t go.


As promised it’s now Khloe’s birthday.  You are probably looking into the background and wondering what happened. They hired some construction workers to make some changes to the house while everyone slept the night before.


Awe she’s adorable!


Since the construction still wasn’t done the family all heads out to eat.  It’s Dion’s turn to take a vacation day from school.  It’s a very long weekend for the kids since this is Friday.


Technically it’s breakfast but since this restaurant doesn’t have breakfast foods they try an experimental dish.  I guess a breakfast restaurant needs to be added to the town.


When they get home the construction is complete.  Talon shows Khloe her new room.  Then he tells her there’s more…


Her own rocket!  She’s very excited to show her dad the part she’s been working on that she plans to add to it to give it a speed boost.  I’m not sure how he feels about this idea but it’s her birthday so he doesn’t show it if he’s nervous.


After that everyone just kind of chills out for a few hours.


Then it’s the Curry Festival.  They all see if they can be a curry champion.


Talon was the only one to manage it.  Everyone else was uncomfortable for the rest of their time there.  The kids brought a few friends along but after the competition, they seemed to have all gone home.


It was a quiet morning with the kids reading books.


Then they all went to the park and invited some friends.  Audra aged up really cute.


So did Terrance.  Yet as soon as Talon saw Khloe sit down talking to Terrance he came over and told her right in front of him that he’s told her before not to spend time with him.  She’s so embarrassed.


I wonder if Talon’s right about him?  Look at his face!


Khloe argues with her dad that Terrance is really smart and nice and she doesn’t understand why he’s acting like this. He doesn’t give Dion a hard time about his friend Audra and she’s a girl.


I think Audra’s wondering why Khloe keeps glaring at her.  If Talon keeps this up these girls aren’t going to get along.


Meanwhile Blaze fishes in the back of the park with no idea of the drama going on with the teens.


When they arrive home later Khloe heads straight to her rocket.


After it turns dark and she’s about to head inside to bed Terrance shows up.


They sit down in the little park area behind the house to talk and Khloe tells Terrance if her dad won’t let him come over during the day like he does Audra then she’ll just meet him at night and her dad doesn’t need to know.










Chapter 2.8


    • I didn’t think about it until later… that I’d made this big change to the house with no explanation. I hadn’t actually planned to do it then. I was just messing around.


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