Random Legacy Gen 5 Heir Poll

No, I’m not even close to the 5th generation yet.  The 4th gen heir isn’t even a teen yet in my game.  But I thought if I start the poll now I won’t be tempted to close it as early as I have been.  In the case that the second child turns out to be multiples or the midlife crisis roll is for another child I will run the poll again between this poll’s winner and the additional child(ren).  I’ve decided to put the comparisons and poll first and then the detailed rolls after that because the poll posts are getting 2-3 times more views than votes and I think it’s because the rolls are just too much to read through.


Child 1

  • Married with one helper
  • 5 kids (at least 1 adopted)
  • They would be a doctor, their spouse would be a writer, and the helper would throw parties and sell the rewards
  • The whole family would have to complete all work and school tasks.  If they don’t they would be forced to take a vacation day.
  • Once a week the heir and their spouse would have to stay in a randomized mood for 3 hours.

Child 2

  • Married with no help
  • 3 biological kids
  • They would be a DJ and the spouse would sell photographs.
  • The family would have to build a significant expansion onto the house.
  • They would eat at a restaurant as a family once a week.

Child 1-

A) Marital Status: Mixed Couple w/ Help
B) Number of Children: 5 (at least 1 adopted)
C) Primary Career: Doctor – No additional money-making opportunities. This career counts as a profession.
D) Secondary Careers:
Spouse- Writer(Author) – May publish all book genres.
Helper- Professional Host/Hostess – Host social gatherings of all kinds and sell the rewards you earn for money.
E) Generation Goals: Dependable – Your heir, spouse and helpers must complete all daily tasks for school and work, beginning in childhood or upon move-in to the house. You may use vacation days given by the game to skip school or work if you’re not going to be able to handle the task, but you may not skip if you have no vacation, or without using your vacation, or attend without having your daily task completed(even if you have saved vacation).
F) Miscellaneous “Fun”: Moody – Once a week, your heir and spouse(if applicable) must spend at least 3 consecutive hours in a certain mood, randomly chosen from the following list: inspired, happy, angry, embarrassed, playful, flirty, sad, bored, dazed, confident, focused, tense, uncomfortable. Heir and spouse may have different required moods.

Child 2-

A) Marital Status: Couple – Your heir must obtain a romantic live-in partner. They do not have to be married.
B) Number of Children: 3
C) Primary Career: DJ – Work as a DJ to earn tips, and license your mixtapes.
D) Secondary Careers: Freelance Photographer – Take and sell photographs.
E) Generation Goals: Expansionist – You must construct a significant expansion to the house this generation. You may also add or change a single lot trait, if you wish.
F) Miscellaneous “Fun”: Regular Diner – Once a week, the entire household must go out to eat at a restaurant. All three courses and something to drink should be ordered.


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