TS4- Random Legacy II 2.9: Flames Old and New

Gen 2 Chapter 9


After school the kids decided to go to the movie park with some friends.


Dion already has some cooking skill so he grilled some burgers after the movie was over.


When Khloe managed to get Terrance alone she decided it’s now or never.


But first, she had to drag him across the street away from prying eyes.  I think her kiss surprised him although I’m not sure why? She’s had eyes for him since they were little.


Selfie!  He asks her to be his girlfriend.  Of course, she agreed!


Woah, kids!  Better get back to your group.


Although I’m not sure with the group is better!  While Khloe and Terrance are really low-key and private in public Dion and Audra have one of those in your face relationships.  They don’t care who sees them.


In the morning the group goes to a new karaoke type place that just opened up.


Khloe wasn’t very interested in swimming.


I don’t think Dion was either.


Sure doesn’t look like it.  A little making out in the sauna instead.


Okay so maybe these two do public displays when they think they’re alone.


Before they left brother and sister had to do a duet!


Then they were off to the Romance Festival.  Khloe and Terrance weren’t very interested but these two were.


Geeze guys!  They didn’t even drink the tea!


Dion gave Audra a promise ring that he bought there.  They’re already talking about the wedding.


The romance guru tells Dion that he will have a wonderful romantic future!


Meanwhile, Terrance and Khloe are just hanging out at the nearby karaoke bar waiting for the others so that they can all go get a late dinner.


But when they get to the restaurant Dion pulls Khloe to the side and says he and Audra are going to head out.  With a knowing grin, he leaves her alone with Terrance.


They weren’t even finished eating when he pulled her up from her chair and kissed her cheek.


Then he pulled out a promise ring and slipped it on her finger.  He laughed and said Dion got the idea from him!


Before heading home they snuck into a closet downstairs for a little makeout session.  Ah, young love.


The family went out to breakfast in the morning and Dion invited Audra so that they could tell his dad their plans to get married after they aged up.  He was a bit shocked.



After a while, Talon seemed to warm up to the idea.  She’s practically lived in their house since they aged to teens anyway.


After they were done eating and Braelyn left for work they stood around trying to decide what to do next.  They went to the flea market but there wasn’t anything interesting so they headed home.


Judy stood looking at the big house that her mother’s note said her father lives in.  She’s terrified but has no place else to go.


She knocked on the door and Talon answered.  She asked his name and when he told her she said he’s her father.  At first, he’s skeptical but really how could he deny her with that hair?  So she tells him the story as it was told to her:


Many years ago when her mother was a little girl new in town a boy became her first friend.


The boy and his sister welcomed her and made her part of their group of friends.


But when he aged to a teen the boy only had eyes for another.


Many years went by and when the family had a party she thought she saw her chance.


She was swept up with her love for him and only later realized he didn’t recognize her.


Mortified she left the house and the man she loved never to return again.


“So that’s where I come in,” whispered Judy.  “Mom died when I was a toddler.  I was raised by my aunt.  My mom left a note with this address on it and my aunt gave it to me on her deathbed.  I have no place else to go.  I have no family to call my own.”  Then she broke down into tears.


Talon offered for her to live with his family.  He said he’s been looking for her mother since that night at the party but could never find her again.  If only he’d known about Judy they could have had so much more time as a family.


She gave him a big hug and though she was still very sad she was relieved that she had someplace to go.  She’d just aged to a teen and had a long time before she could live on her own.


Talon called everyone into the living room and introduced Judy.  Dion chuckled and said they should have known. Everywhere they went this little girl with red hair showed up.  It was their sister all along!


A/N: This is the only pic with Judy shown front and center.  Usually, she’s in the background but if you go back the last few chapters you’ll see her.


I took this one the day there were at the karaoke place.  It was so hard seeing her and not taking tons of pictures!


The next day Talon surprised Judy with her own room decorated in pink just like she likes it.


And Blaze’s little cowberry grew into a big strong cow plant that will be playing it’s own part in the next generation!

Chapter 3.1

Chapter notes:

Is your mind blown or did you suspect it all along?  I tried not to make it too obvious.  When I realized that Dion would be heir and that I would need 3 helpers I couldn’t figure out who the third would be.  Donte had just passed away and I was sad so I’d quit there for the day.  The plan started to form and the rest is history.  If you’ve read the rolls for the next generation a few things might not make sense.  If you thought this chapter blew your mind hold on to your seats cuz the birthday is next!


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