TS4- Random Legacy II 3.1: Tragedy

Gen 3 Chapter 1

A/N: After proofreading the last chapter in gen 2 I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting another day for everyone to read this one!  So you get 2 for 1 today only.


Everyone was really excited about Dion’s birthday.  Little did they know it wasn’t going to be the happy birthday that was expected.


Jennifer stood by the bushes watching the house.  She knew they were celebrating her son’s birthday.  The son she had wanted but had been taken from her.  The same son that never tried to find her.


“I’ll show him for turning against me.”


As Dion blew out the candles on the cake he started to feel strangely.


“I curse you and I curse your house!”


Dion feels a sudden pain in his chest!


Jennifer laughs hysterically, “Let the gremlins roam!”


What was only moments ago a celebration has left the family in shock as Dion collapses.


For the voodoo curse, Jennifer gave her life.


Grim stood looking at the miserable woman that he must help transition to the next plane.  He heard what the woman did to her son and his family.  He’s disgusted by her.


Normally he waits to see if anyone shows up to beg for more time but today he just wanted this thing done.


When the urn appeared he released the spirit to the netherworld instead of letting it wreak havoc on this world longer.  Then he destroyed the urn just to be safe.


This family had always been good to him.  Especially the girl Khloe.  He couldn’t leave without telling them what happened.


Luckily it was Khloe who answered the door.  He told her about her brother’s mother Jennifer and the voodoo curse.


The poor girl was shocked and upset but he still had more to tell.


He told her that as he arrived he heard the woman mention gremlins.  If she’s cursed the house with gremlins they have even more problems than just the curse on Dion.  “Gremlins are vain creatures.  I would suggest playing on that vanity.  Build them a shrine and make sacrifices to them,” he said.  When Khloe asked what kind of sacrifices he pointed to the side of the house where the garden is.  “There is a grown cow plant in your garden.  You can use this creature to collect essences to honor the gremlins.  Once you’ve given enough they will be so pleased they will move on and your home will never be plagued with them again.”  With that, he handed the voodoo doll over and said goodbye.


The family was all sitting at the table feeling sad and confused where she’d left them.


Khloe put the voodoo doll on the table and told everyone what Grim had told her.  About the curse on Dion that Grim didn’t know much about and the curse on the house which involves gremlins and his ideas to make them leave.  Dion remembers their grandfather telling him about the friendly gnomes.  He never imagined they could be turned into gremlins!


While everyone is discussing what they need to do next Audra gets up from the table and asks Dion if she can have a private word with him.


She looked longingly into his eyes…


Told him she loved him but she can’t be with him.


And broke up with him really not knowing why.  Then without a goodbye, she left the house.


Dion was crushed.  He went over and broke the news to his family.


They got to work right away building the shrine to the gremlins vanity.


Braelyn elected to make the first sacrifice.


It was not an experience she would want to repeat but she’ll do what needs to be done for the peace of her family.


One down many more to go.


A/N: I just took this pic because I thought it looked so cool back here at night!



The last this family will see of gnomes.




Chapter 3.2

Chapter notes:

Argh!  I hate posing sims!  It wasn’t too bad but still I don’t want to do that very often for sure.  It took hours!  Okay now that that’s out of my system where do I start?  I had to change one of the house traits to something negative and make it into a story with a goal of what they need to do to overcome this negative trait.  That’s where all of this insanity began. Seriously it was like one idea after another and I liked it so much I backed myself into a corner with no choice but to go the whole story route, at least for now.  Look at it this way: at least Dion got a happy teenhood with the perfect girlfriend.  If you read the rolls you knew he was going to be single this generation.  I’d planned to add more in with what else would be happening this generation but it would have been kinda weird in this chapter I think.  So the goal is one of every emotional essence including a life essence.  And everything in the house that can be upgraded has to be completely upgraded.  We’ll see how they do.  I know one thing for sure, without being allowed to call someone to fix everything they’re all going to have high handiness skill by the time this is done!


  1. Wow! Jennifer proved to be very vindictive. I just hope the family manages to get out from under that curse. Nasty woman. Love your story telling.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea, I meant it to be. I figured not many would remember the rolls for the generation once the chapters started coming out.


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