TS4- Random Legacy 3.2: A Ray of Sunshine

Gen 3 Chapter 2

In the still of the night…


As Khloe looked at the strange new shrine she heard footsteps approaching.  She didn’t even have to turn to see who it was.  She knew that stride.  Knew everything about this man that she loved.  “Are you ready?” he asked.  “I have big plans sweetheart,” he added with a grin.


After Dion’s horrifying birthday Khloe thought it would be poor taste to even mention her own birthday to the family.  Instead, Terrance talked her into going out and having a little cake at a restaurant… in the middle of the night.  As usual, really, it’s normally the only time they see each other anyway.  Especially now that he’s older than her and has a job.


There weren’t any other guests in the restaurant so the waiter and host sang happy birthday and threw confetti when she blew out the candles.


Terrance dip kissed her and whispered in her ear, “Let’s go, I have other plans for you tonight my love”


When they arrived at the park in the city he kneeled down and proposed, “I know you’ve already promised to marry me but I wanted to do this anyway.  Be my wife Khloe.  Tonight.”


He was anticipating a yes already because he’d stashed some formal clothes in the building at the park.  After they changed they made their way to the arch.  Khloe looks so beautiful in that dress.





And now that the romance is over we return to chaos…


Everything in the house is broken!  Every darned thing!


The happy couple arrives home to announce their marriage and finds the place a wreck.


Surprisingly, Talon shakes Terrance’s hand.  “Anyone as persistent as you have been must love my daughter very much.  My father was a criminal once, in my protectiveness of Khloe I’d forgotten that.  Welcome to the family,” he said with a secret smile.  (I think he might have known a lot more about Khloe’s nocturnal activities than he gave away!)


Lucky Dion, he gets to escape from the chaos at home by going to his new job as a doctor.  He already has dreams of being a surgeon one day.  For now, he’s more like an errand boy.


Although they do let him treat the diagnosed patients.


And soon he’s even allowed to run some tests.


Though it doesn’t seem to give him a good relationship with the patients when he runs some of them.


At least he gets something better than cold cereal at work.


Talon sacrifices some essence of playfulness to the gremlins.  Now that they all know what the gremlins can do there’s even more urgency for the essences.


When a hungry Judy makes an unplanned sacrifice the family gets worried.  They’ve heard that giving too often can lead to death.


So a fence is put up surrounding the cow plant and Blaze tests it out.


He also helps make a wonderful discovery!  The stove may be broken but there is a grill at the park next door for cooking.  Thank goodness.


The plan was to have Judy do most of the repairing and upgrading but she’s always so miserable she doesn’t get much done.  Khloe needs it for her aspiration anyway so instead of working on her rocket as was planned she repairs and upgrades.  Sadly, the upgrades don’t thwart the gremlins but they will continue as they are part of lifting the curse.


All of that repairing made her confident.  Sorry, Khloe!


In addition to everything breaking, it all seems to get dirty really fast.  Grandpa Donte gives them a hand by cleaning up a bit but really the house is such a disaster this one shower won’t make much of a difference I hate to say.  There aren’t many pics for this chapter despite it being four days since Dion aged to young adult because everyone is so darned miserable all of the time!  Thank goodness for the doctor career to give me a break from all of it.  You would think 7 sims in a house would be what stresses me out but it’s the uncomfortable moodlet everyone has!








Chapter 3.3

Chapter notes:

Technically Khloe’s birthday wasn’t until like 8am but I thought this little interlude was much more romantic and explained why the family wasn’t there.  I hope you enjoyed a little ray of sunshine amongst the clouds.  It’s been great giving one of these family members some happiness.  How Khloe really spent her birthday…



She had to go to a restaurant to get a cake because they couldn’t bake one!


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