TS4- Random Legacy II 3.3: Sacrifices

Gen 3 Chapter 3


Back at work for yet another day of doctoring… well nursing really.


Dion gives himself a pep talk in the mirror, “You’ve got this promotion in the bag!”


One of his patients that seems to come in every day aged up to elder.


He’s taken over most of the cooking at home so he can increase his skills.


Terrance has learned that kids don’t mind mischief at all.  He’s actually friends with some of them after his little pranks!


Too bad being mischevious doesn’t help his genius trait.  He got tense and donated an essence of stress to the shrine.


Judy is starting to get quite the high skill in repairing.


I qued up Talon to make 3 drinks before work and didn’t realize he drank them all!  He barely made it to the bathroom.


I finally feel confident enough in Khloe’s handiness skill to let her repair electronics.  Both Terrance and Dion need a computer.  Later I bought a better computer because if she’s going to upgrade it completely it might as well be one they’ll keep.


One essence of sadness.  Poor gloomy Judy.


With the computer working Dion starts on his writing skill.


With the constant repairs, there are piles of trash on the floors all over.  Blaze has a new job: dig through the piles for extra parts and then discard the rest.  It keeps him busy.


See?  Told ya he’s always hanging around being mischievous to kids and they love it.  He scares them and they giggle and jump up and down clapping.


The worst part about all of this is they can’t even upgrade things without repairing them first so things they don’t normally use have to be repaired just to start upgrades.


This freaked me out!  This ghost just floated into the house one night.


Since Braelyn barely sleeps with that darned bed she got from work I teleported her way over to where the ghosts urn was to release the spirit.  She was an alien!


Then she stands there blowing bubbles until I sent her home.  I think this is the first time she’s used them and they’ve been in her inventory since she was a child.


Grabbing some food before work starts.


He knows this patient from when they were kids but I don’t think there are any pictures with her in them since they weren’t friends as teens.


Shockingly, instead of the promotion that he was expecting, he was fired!  With no reason given as to why.  His boss just said I have to fire you and told him to leave!


One essence of focus.


And after a bad work event, Talon gives some essence of embarrassment.


Sometimes I wonder if these two wish they hadn’t moved into this madhouse?


This one was kinda funny.  Talon confessed his fear of vampires over and over until she was so bored she had no choice but go sacrifice some essence of boredom.


At least someone is enjoying the piles of trash.  Actually, they all do this.  It’s pretty funny.


Braelyn aged to elder.  They’re still not making a big deal about birthdays right now.


And apparently, I didn’t take any more pics since hers the day before because this is the next morning.


Not much worth celebrating really.  Everyone is just so darned miserable most of the time.


Dion drank some weird drink that his dad learned to make from work and it made him dazed.  Thank you dad, for helping with some essence of daze.


I don’t think Khloe had this in mind when she repaired the television.  That’s what he gets for watching romantic comedies.  One essence of flirtation.


And the last of the elders age up.  It’s not bothering me having so many sims in the house as much as the fact that they’re all so uncomfortable all the time and with so many things like the television and radio broken there’s not much for them to do so they get on my nerves a bit.








Chapter 3.4

Chapter notes:

At this point, I don’t feel like the third generation has started at all!  I’ve posted the heir poll for the fourth generation but I don’t want to try dealing with any babies or toddlers until the gremlins are appeased.  I’d say half of everything in the house has been upgraded and as far as I can tell they are only missing 5 essences including an essence of life.  I’m sure I’d have had that many times over if I hadn’t put the fence in!  There wouldn’t be any sims left!  I’m sorry there aren’t more pictures because this chapter is like a week or more.  Judy is going to age up in a few days if that’s a good gauge on time for you. Seriously, I just don’t feel like taking more pictures of everything broken and everyone miserable.  Poor Khloe hasn’t touched her rocket since Dion’s birthday, she hasn’t even finished building it!


    • Story-wise he’s fired from all of his jobs because of the curse but really he quits because he rolled “job hopper” and has to do 5 careers in his life time.


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