TS4- Random Legacy II 3.4: Lifting the Curse

Gen 3 Chapter 4


The family was on a mission to lift the house curse and make the gremlins leave.  Everyone pitched in, even the elders.  Talon sacrificed some essence of inspiration.  Thank you creative trait.


The food in the fridge must have tasted funny or something because despite it saying it was good they rarely touched it opting instead to make salads and sandwiches.


The elders got a little bit of a break after deciding to retire but I’m sure it’s not the retirement they’d expected.


Judy became the second best at repairing when she wasn’t at school.  I’m sure she saw school as an escape.


Dion felt guilty that it was his mother that did this to them.  But nobody blamed him.  The early mornings were spent repairing everything in the house and then the days and nights were spent working on upgrading in hopes that at least some of it wouldn’t break while they slept.


Braelyn took a brisk shower so that she could sacrifice some essence of energy.


Look!  It’s a miracle!  Everything is still fixed from the previous day.  The family starts to hope that all their sacrifices are being noticed.  A/N: I think that perhaps there is a snag in the gremlins trait.  It seems that since a few of them were still awake at midnight the gremlins didn’t wreak their havoc.  I made sure everyone was in bed before 12 after this because it felt very cheaty to me.


I have no idea why Judy was so filthy when she woke up for school but when she gets home she’s the next to sacrifice.


Get down with your bad self!  I think he’s really happy that someone repaired that radio today.


Terrance has started trolling the forums for his mischief since it’s easier staying home instead of seeking out other sims.


I guess instead of watching tv they’ll watch Khloe upgrade the tv!  The exciting part is that whatever she did made it unbreakable. Bonus!


Thank you, Judy, for the essence of discomfort.  You may shower now.


Even though he wants to be a food critic his new boss wants Dion to gain painting skill.


He remembered that his aunt Brea is a great painter and asked for her guidance.  I’m sure she was relieved to take a break from upgrading to help.


A little dance party.  Judy is almost always miserable after school so it’s a relief that the radio is working today.


Terrance looks pretty hawt in those new work clothes.


The only essence (other than life) that they needed was anger.  Being such an easy going family they weren’t really sure how to properly incense someone enough to make a sacrifice.  Then Brealyn came up with the idea of painting something.


Talon elected to view the painting and become angry.  It was a very powerful painting.


And so the essence of anger was sacrificed.  Now all they needed was an essence of life and everyone was beginning to feel very uncomfortable with the thought.  Before this, it seemed so far away and not something that needed worrying over.


Dion finally got some job tasks that took him away from the house for a bit for which he was relieved.  Once again even though he’s supposed to be learning to be a food critic his boss had him doing other critic’s jobs.  Perhaps he’s picking up someone elses slack?


After searching he finally finds someone in the Arts Center that is playing guitar and counts as a performer.  Then it’s back home to answer his mail.  A few hours away from the house was appreciated all the same.


Since it was Judy’s birthday and it being her first birthday with the family they decided to celebrate.  They went out to a restaurant to get a break from the mess at home for awhile.


Khloe and Terrance have some special memories of this restaurant.


The food arrives and everyone digs in.  It seems that the funky drinks they all ordered made them energized.


Then it’s time for Judy to blow out her candles.  Dion sings her a special birthday song for the occasion.


After quite a bit of arguing over the essence of life needed Braelyn wins the vote.  This is Krishna.  They met him as kids and hung out with him as teens.  After she aged to young adult she had a brief relationship with him that went nowhere when he decided to start pushing her away.  He was a mean sim.  A bit of revenge for our Brea.  Seriously though he was going to die soon anyway right?


He’s added to the household and locked into the fence with the cow plant.  He falls for the cake bait.


Then it’s time to wait.  Inside there is a frenzy of upgrading the last few items left in the house.


Krishna begins to glow!  He is the sacrifice and the gremlins are acknowledging it!


He takes the bait again!  The cow plant opens it’s gigantic maw to allow him in.


Then Grim arrives to check over everything and pass Khrisna over to the next plane.


Braelyn sees him and runs out in time to see the evidence of the house curse lifting!


When she asks Grim if it’s really gone he tells her it is.  She gives him a big hug and thanks him for his help.


The last step is milking the essence of life for the altar.


When Terrance got home from work she jumped out of bed and greeted him with a kiss.  Finally, they could move on with their lives and start a family of their own.  Hopefully Dion will find a way to move on the best he can as well.











Chapter 3.5

Chapter notes:

It’s been 12 days since Dion aged up to young adult and this generation began.  In a lot of ways, it feels like it hasn’t started yet. Other than a bit of stuff for Dion and Terrance’s jobs, the only focus was on lifting the house curse.  I expected it to take quite awhile but I didn’t expect not being able to really do anything else.  Every night before they went to sleep I had to make sure all of them used the toilet and shower.  Then whoever woke first started repairing the toilets and then showers and on from there.  It was a never-ending cycle that was exhausting and I’m so relieved it’s over.  I just hope that Talon will have enough time left to meet his grandkids before he dies.


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