TS4- Random Legacy II 3.5: Young Love

Gen 3 Chapter 5


Since the arrival of the gremlins, it’s been pointless mopping up all of the puddles in the house.  This is the first time that it’s been done!


Talon and Brealyn have more time to do what they love most: play with toys and spend time together.


Dion focuses more on increasing his skills.  Especially cooking since he’s a food critic now.

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Khloe and Terrance announce to Talon that he’s going to be a grandpa!


Khloe finally gets some time to finish building her rocket.  Though she can’t fly yet since she’s pregnant.


It seems like these two have always spent so much of their time together over a chess table.  Dion is thrilled that he’ll be an uncle soon.


When he remembers that he has to review 4 Uptown foods for work Dion heads out to the city.  Strangely the only stand there at the time was a cupcake booth.


Looks like they’re pretty tasty.  He has two.


When he got home it popped up that Khloe gained the guitar skill.  Dion’s guitar has sat untouched in his inventory so I was confused.  I looked and she’s watching music tv.  It looks like a music awards show!  It’s from the upgrades. The showers are also super fast.  I think I need to upgrade things more often.



This time when Dion heads Uptown he brings Judy along.  She isn’t interested in sampling the food.


While he ate she tried to distract the living statue.


She wanted to go to Windenburg really bad so Dion agreed.  Turns out she wanted to meet up with this guy Jeff that’s been calling her non-stop since they were teens trying to get her to go out but she’s been too busy at home to do more than just talk and see him while they were in school together.


Finally she gets an opportunity to flirt with her long-time crush.


It was almost too easy.  These two were meant for each other.


Within minutes they’re up to a first kiss.  They already had a high friendship.


Meanwhile, in the club, Dion has himself a drink while he waits for the others to join him.  Looks like someone’s interested.


But when he tries to flirt she freaks out and he gets embarrassed.  At the same time though, this other lady is giving him the eye.


They were getting along pretty good and then she just freaked out on him and tried to grab his drink to throw in his face!


Dion was pretty upset and confused.  It took him awhile to notice what was going on with his sister and her new boyfriend.  He told her they’d best head home so she can talk to their dad.


Judy brings Jeff to meet her dad and explains that they’ve known each other practically since they were toddlers.  She tells him she’s in love with him and always has been and that she wants to move out and live with him.


Talon is a little shocked but after talking it over he gives them his blessing and buys them a house on the street so that she’ll be close to the family.


After grabbing her things she waves goodbye and they head out to their new lives together.


At the new house, Jeff pulls Judy out to a pretty spot in the back yard and asks her to elope with him.


She agrees!


While they’re inside cough celebrating her dad and Terrance’s mom show up as the “welcome wagon”.  Now that I look at his mom I wonder where on earth Terrance got that super pale skin?


Back inside, welcome wagon be damned, Judy has some big news for Jeff.  And when I say big I mean BIG holy moly!


Awe the little neighborhood is coming together.  Terrance’s mom and sister live in their first house and Andre the son of Jaiden lives in the other small house.  He never did marry.  Judy and Jeff’s house was my drifter 008 the first time around.  It has plenty of room for several adults and children so it will be nice if spares need to move out in the future.


Back to the house, Terrance keeps a close eye on Khloe while she works on rocket upgrades.


Dion finally got his fourth meal from an Uptown food stand.  It was the gourmet one again.  I have no idea how often they change.  I actually didn’t know they change until I went searching online for why there were only cupcakes the first night.  Luckily he had 2 days off to complete this task.



I just thought this was funny.  I transferred all the upgrade parts to Khloe.



Chapter 3.6

Chapter notes:

Okay, so I know that Dion is supposed to have 3 helpers this generation and that was totally the plan.  I didn’t intend to move Judy out until she aged to adult.  But the thing is there’s nothing for her to do!  She can’t work and Dion does the cooking so all she would have is the small garden to tend once Blaze passes on.  It just didn’t seem right to keep her there. So here I was trying to figure out what I should do with her and as I was looking through her relationships when they were in the city I saw the boy that called her pretty much daily since she’s moved into the house!  After that, it all fell into place. Technically if I go by my decision from the first generation, the helpers can move out once the generational goal is reached which it was with the lifting of the house curse.  I plan to involve her much more than I did Jaiden’s son Andre which I’ve regretted not trying harder with.  He actually calls them all a lot but they’re always busy!


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