TS4- Random Legacy II 3.7: Wishing for Children

Gen 3 Chapter 7


When Dion wakes up the morning after being abducted by aliens he notices that every once in awhile his stomach kind of sparkles. They must have fed him something odd on the spaceship.  He was so angry at the time he doesn’t remember much of what happened.


Everybody flocks around little Addison taking care of her.


They hired a gardener to care for Blaze’s little garden and the goof-ball planted the little cowberry that they’d placed on his grave!


Dion decided to wish again for a child.  This doesn’t look good!


He gets a teenage ghost instead!  Her name is Kimberly.  I guess beggers can’t be choosers?


Kimberly goes inside and makes herself at home.  At least they have a bedroom for her already since Judy moved out recently.


Umm.  Brea, I don’t think she’s looking at those flashcards.


Mom’s off on another rocket mission so everyone helps care for Addison.


Including Kimberly who turns out to be a great help around the house.


Odd.  They got a transmission from the rocket that Khloe was going to crash but she landed just fine.


The elders sure do nap a lot!  Well, they earned it, that’s for sure!


More learning basic needs.


Then a bit of a snack.


Kimberly’s room is closest to the nursery so Addison woke her up when she had a nightmare.  She brought her back to the bed and read her a story.


In the morning Braelyn gets out of bed and collapses onto the floor.


Grim shows up and helps her spirit to the next plane while everyone in the house sleeps unaware.


Dion starts to wonder if whatever the aliens fed him has caused some weird weight gain.


Despite lifting the curse, calling the repair company still doesn’t work so everything that breaks has to be repaired by hand.


Dion has a few days off of work and spends most of that time playing chess.  He’s been doing it so long it’s almost a comfort to him.


He wishes, yet again, for a child and gets an overwhelming urge to go to the adoption agency.


He arrives back home with a little boy named Gideon.  He has red hair like his daddy.


Talon is thrilled that he has another grandchild to spoil.


Dion starts teaching basic needs right away.


Awe so cute!  Also, the blocks behind them are floating because Kimberly is haunting them.


Khloe finds an unidentified fruit object in space and decides to plant it to see if it grows.


Oh boy!  Gideon is a little wild child!  I think this one will keep the family on their toes!






Chapter 3.8

Chapter notes:

Some kind of problem in my MC Command Center mod was causing the well children to be young adults!  I didn’t realize it until the next time the wish was granted after Kimberly.  For story purposes, I’m calling her a teen but she really isn’t so I’m not even counting her as one of the kids from this generation as far as the heir poll is considered.  Even then, I’d have to make her human again first according to the rules.  There were supposed to be 3 helpers and since Judy moved out Kimberly is replacing her.  I’d already gotten used to her at her current age and taken a lot of pictures with her in them by the time I figured out the problem.  So Gideon is child #1 and thus not the heir.  When Dion adopted there were 4 babies and 4 toddlers so I rolled 1-8 and he was number 8.  I totally didn’t pick him because he has the same hair color as Dion, it just happened that way!


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