TS4- Random Legacy II 3.8: Strange Family

Gen 3 Chapter 8


Talon gets the call that Judy and Jim’s triplets have aged to toddlers so he heads over to the house to see them only to find all three playing outside on the sidewalk!


He introduces himself to them and has a little chat while he waits for one of the parents to come get them.


Javon gives him a big hug while Stacy and Ti-Ning are all smiles for their grandpa.


After bringing the children into the house himself Talon collapses!


The parents show up from wherever they were hiding to find Grim there and Talon on the floor.


All of the kids come out and cry as Grim guides the grandpa they’d just met onto the next plane.


Judy calls Dion with the terrible news and he arrives to collect their father’s urn just as Grim is leaving.


A gravestone is placed for the dear father and friend.  A/N: I decided to place the headstones in rows for each generation.


Knowing his father lead a good life, Dion heads inside to spend time with his new son and doesn’t mourn.


Kimberly decided to take over the garden as her own personal chore.  She’s so grateful to have a home and family to call her own that she wants to do whatever she can to pitch in.


Despite the abnormal changes to his body that have him getting pretty suspicious that it’s not food that was put into his belly, Dion wishes yet again for a child so that Gideon will have a brother or sister.


A glow erupts from the well!


Welcome to the family Allen!  He’s a little genius just like his daddy.


Right away the brothers got along great.


Dion is pleased with the family he has now.


Even if it is hard to give your son a hug with a huge unwieldy belly in the way!


Allen talks his new big sister- how cool is it that his sister is a ghost– into playing chess with him.


Now the house is full of family.  A big loud and loving family.


After getting out of the shower, Dion sees a bright light and sparkles erupt from his big belly.  He decides he needs to head to the hospital soon before this gets worse!


Kimberly was outside tending to the garden she now considers her own when first one…


…then the other toddler comes out to watch her.

02-25-17_12-58-38-pm 02-25-17_12-59-26-pm 02-25-17_12-59-46-pm

Ohmygosh!  There was NO warning that the ship might crash!  She was heading home after a successful mission and BOOM!  Thank goodness the toddlers were inside by then.


Shortly after Khloe’s crash landing Dion feels a pain in his belly and runs to tell her they need to go to the hospital now!  Something is surely wrong.


When they arrive the receptionist takes one look at Dion and has a whispered conversation with the doctor over the phone.


Moments after being rushed back to surgery the doctor announces that Dion has a daughter!


As his little girl wiggles and cries in his arms, Dion decides he’s been blessed instead of cursed.  His family might be a strange family but he loves them all just the same.  He names his daughter Luna and they all head home.


Yes, this is surely a strange family but what’s really important is the love they have for each other.  Sometimes not getting what you thought you’ve always wanted, in the end, is the best gift of all.





Chapter 3.9

Chapter notes:

If you’re confused a bit about how Allen was out by the well and then the next pic was of him in the kitchen… as I mentioned in the last chapter I realized after he appeared as a young adult that there was a problem.  I moved him out of the house temporarily and couldn’t find anybody else online that has had the same problem.  I then started testing my mods one by one by forcing the well to give children and found the problem to be in the MC Command Center population module and alerted the creator of the problem. Finally, I moved him back into the house and aged him down to a child.  He kept the trait that the game left him with which was genius but I had to give him an aspiration.  Even though he’s technically older I consider him as child #2 for voting purposes.  Thus, since I just closed the poll before starting this chapter that makes Luna the heir over him by only one vote!  It was a close one!  I decided to close it now because it hasn’t gotten any votes in a day and I’m driving myself crazy checking it.


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