TS4- Random Legacy II 3.9: Like Moonbeams

Gen 3 Chapter 9


Back to our strange family, it’s all hands on deck to keep two toddlers and a baby happy!  Luckily both Luna and Addison will be aging up today.


Poor Gideon went upstairs to talk to someone and then they went downstairs so he followed them back down.  At least he got some movement skill I guess.


Apparently, Allen hasn’t been paying any attention at all to what’s going on around his house!  He just now noticed he has a baby sister and boy is he mad!


Little Luna aged up to a toddler and Dion announced that the family would be moving to a new home and the old one would be demolished.  It just had too many sad memories and everyone wanted a fresh start.


When they got inside he told little Luna she could remove her disguise.  She didn’t understand why it made a difference but did it anyway.


Argh!  The cuteness!  Her skin looks like moonbeams.  I swear I have never seen this skin color on an alien before.  When she was a baby I was confused so I looked at the gallery and found a few aliens with it.  I’m wondering if it’s a rare color.  Anyway, enough gushing about my girl…


The toddlers all made a bee-line for the nursery.


Followed soon by the adults.  This is by far everyone’s favorite room in the house going by the amount of time everyone spends here.


Yet another toddler to potty train.


Allen gets home from school and arrives at the new house as instructed.  He’s gotten over his anger at having another sibling and has really become a great big brother to the other kids.


See?  He’s always with them chatting away.


When they moved Kimberly brought along all of the plants from the old house.  They were all in sad shape so she spent a few hours tending to them before Addison’s birthday party.



Awe!  She’s so cute.  I love how as soon as she aged up she turned around and smiled at her daddy.


Allen telling Gideon stories before bed.  He had to wake up for Addison’s party.


Braelyn haunted that night.  She ate the last of the food in the fridge and Kimberly had to cook more so that the toddlers would have something to eat in the middle of the night.


Of course, it was grilled cheese.  All Kimberly cooks is grilled cheese.  Daddy wakes up and has some with little Luna.


Then he’s off to the playful room to write some playful books… because he decided to make a fresh start and quit the business career.  He wasn’t happy with all of those boring reports anyway.  A/N: I was surprised that the daily task took more than one book to complete the “write books” it takes forever just to write one.  I’m not complaining, though, they really need the money.


Luna learns some basic needs from the flash cards.  A/N: It’s really freaky listening to them together with the alien and ghost voices!


Then after finishing his book writing for the day daddy takes over.


Allen got home from school and was playing video games in the focused room.  Luna came in to have a chat while he played.


Terrance can’t get a promotion without more mischief skill which is taking forever to level up trolling the forums.  He spent forever in the angry room working on it with not much progress.


Poor Luna woke up from her sleep in quite a state!  Bath time!


Daddy had to rush through her bath before he left for work.  I’m sure she feels much better.


Then it’s time for food and a chat with brother.  These two are really close.  Probably because they’re toddlers together.


Allen chats with his dad while he makes a cake for Gideon.  Today’s his birthday!



Awe what a cutie.  You’d never know he was adopted.






Chapter 3.10

Chapter notes:

I know it must have been weird not showing the pics of when Luna aged to toddler.  That’s because the first time around I’d gone with a different hair and didn’t like it.  I changed it when they were standing in front of the new house.  It took forever to find a white toddler hair CC that didn’t hide those cute ears.  I’m having a hard time deciding who’s going to stay in the house for gen 4.  I had a plan of who it was before but now I’m having second thoughts.

If you missed the bonus post showing the building of the new house you can find it here.  I moved them to the new house and had to “borrow” money to do so.  The first time I did this I didn’t factor in the money they got from the old house when moving!  I ended up deleting almost every room in the house to pay off the “loan”.  I was so upset I laid down for awhile.  I got to thinking then and realized what I’d done.  I had to roll back the game to a previous save before they’d moved and do it all over again.  This time I only had to delete the inspired room, the flirty room, the energized room and all of the gaming stuff upstairs.  Which sounds like a lot until you see what I had to delete the first time.  I really don’t understand how I got the amount of money they had so mixed up when building the new house.  At one point I was confused that I was able to do so much but figured they must have had a lot of money on hand.  I wish I would have stopped to switch to their save and look.  I wasn’t focused at all on money before the move but I have no choice but to pay more attention now so they can pay bills and buy back the rooms I had to delete.  I took pics the first time around so I’ll post them down here for you to see. 


Here’s the downstairs.  The only room I didn’t delete much in was the playroom.  Other than that I had to delete almost everything else and left just the basics.  I even had to delete everything on the back deck.  If the pool area wasn’t so detailed I would have deleted that too.


And here’s the upstairs.  Which is actually exactly how it looks now come to think of it.  I’m so relieved I realized that I hadn’t factored that other money in because seeing the whole downstairs empty was really depressing.  They need like $50,000 to buy back the rooms I sold this time.  They would have needed $120,000 (I think) this first time!


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