TS4- Random Legacy II 3.10: Inaugural Meeting

Gen 3 Chapter 10


Gideon found his own decorated room waiting for him after blowing out his candles.


Most of the kids chilling out in the kitchen while dad cooks some more.  There’s almost always a few family members spending time here.


This very confused elder wandered around their house for about an hour.  Nobody had the heart to make her leave.


Then she just wandered right out the back door.  Looking out the windows they could see her roam the neighborhood for awhile before she disappeared.  Hopefully, she’s okay.


Khloe had a shocking crash landing of her rocketship after making a silly decision to assist some colonists to ruin grilled cheese machines.  It will cost a precious $1,000 for her to rebuild.


Before she started she spent some time with her little niece Luna who told her about her favorite color.


They didn’t think to grab the speaker that the family had since Donte and Jaiden moved to Newcrest but have a new one on the porch that they all dance to instead.


Dion watches Kimberly and Luna play.  That looks like fun…


“Let’s play special girl!”


Terrance aged to adult.


Braelyn came to visit and kept Terrance company while he hacked.  She seemed fascinated by the fish tank.


Saturday morning Dion showed off his cooking skills to make some hot dogs for the kids and their cousins.


The first meeting of the Carraro/Clay Clan club commenced!  When Luna ages to child soon, she’ll be in it too.


“Sorry pumpkin but you gotta wear your disguise while the other kids are here,” Dion whispered.


Luna was not pleased with this and cried over every little thing that happened that day.


Dion tried to comfort her but she pushed him away.


Addison and the only girl of the Clay clan, Staci, are quick friends.


Ti-Ning looks like Gideon with that trademark red hair.


Their dad bought them a gaming console so Allen challenged the triplets to a video game.


(Here’s an angle that shows the kids better.  Judy and Jeff have some cute kids!)


Addison comes into the nursery to play and has a chat with Luna.  Dion’s still hovering.  He hates seeing his youngest child so upset.


Then most of the other kids follow suit and Luna finally relaxes when they start chatting with her.


Then Sunday rolled around and everyone spent a lazy day.


Kimberly read to the kids for a little while.


Luna’s speaking quite well and loves it when the family spends time in the nursery chatting with her.  She rarely leaves this area.


Donte and Blaze both visit that night.  A/N: I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a double haunting before!


They spent most of the night either chatting or haunting things in the kitchen.  They were both the cooks of the family, perhaps they were feeling nostalgic.


The garlic braids that Blaze made after he was bitten by a vampire didn’t deter this one from breaking into the house in the morning.


Poor Khloe.  She needed to repair several things that the ghosts broke in the night and now she’s going to be uncomfortable all day.


It was very strange because just on the other side of the door the family was waking up and doing their morning routines none the wiser.


After the kids all left for school and Dion left for work Khloe and Terrance realized it was Luna’s birthday!  Happy birthday, Luna!


I remembered that I hadn’t given the house traits.  I figured Ley Line would make things more random!


The club panel before the triplets aged to children.  Gideon is the only one I know for sure will be in the house in the next generation so he’s the leader.  I’m thinking once they’re older the club can split into two: one for the boys and one for the girls to make room for friends.


My plan was to have him do the comedy career as his last career but this makes more money.  He’ll have to switch to comedy eventually, though.


I thought that this was hilarious!  He came home from work angry from a bad work event.  Each of the book genres had something funny like this.  I’d highly recommend getting a writer angry sometime so you can see.


I knew they’d be bad.



I got CC recolors of the children’s hair so that she’d have white hair as a child as well but every time I exited CAS, no matter which style I chose, her hair turned blonde!  I gave up and quit for the day.  I’ll have to see if I can find someone else’s CC recolors and hope theirs works.  I never thought to test it on the other kids before I gave her white hair as a toddler!

Chapter 3.11

Chapter notes:

That elder wandering the house was actually hilarious this time around.  She had a goofy walk and I decided not to cheat and make her leave.  Nobody had the option to ask her to leave just like the one that walked in when Talon was home at the last house.  Using the rocket as a means of income isn’t very profitable.  A lot of the missions don’t even give her a reward.  Having it crash like that made me grind my teeth because it felt like such a waste of money!  Terrance was always older than Dion and Khloe but since they both were pregnant and didn’t age for three days he’s way older.  It took me a while to figure it out.  I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that he’s also aged to teen and young adult in the Cararro house.  He joined the household the night that he gave Khloe the promise ring.  He feels like my own sim.  Which is why I’m having a hard time deciding whether I want Addison to stay in the next generation or have Gideon get married like Khloe did.  I had to give the triplets makeovers when they showed up at the house with the same haircuts as some of the Carraro kids.  I’m glad I did because their clothes were… strange.  The vampire thing had me about blowing a gasket I was so angry!  I feel powerless to prevent this from happening.  Last, we have Luna’s birthday.  I’m in such a habit, from playing drifter all of the time, of aging everyone the moment that the notification pops up that it’s their birthday it didn’t even occur to me until later to wait for the family to be there!  By then it was too late and I got to spend close to an hour messing with her hair!


    • Thanks. I watched the vampire thing very closely. It seems that the garlic effects only certain vampire levels or something. Some will walk up and turn around and others will still stand at the door or break in. So frustrating!


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