TS4- Random Legacy 3.11: Wishing for Life

Gen 3 Chapter 11


A/N: I finally found some CC hair that had a white recolor!  It took forever but I think it’s so pretty.  Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to change her out of her disguise after school.  


Luna gets her own bedroom all decorated just for her.


Her cousin Staci came home from school with Addison and Luna chats with her until she leaves a few hours later.


Dion is getting very tense from his job as an author.  Although it makes great money he doesn’t really enjoy it so he’s torn between wanting to fix up the house and moving on to comedy.


Terrance practices some mischief on a kid that must have skipped school.


Allen and Luna came home from school in horrible moods.


Their cousins Staci and Javon came home with the kids that day.  Luna becomes friends with Staci.


Kimberly keeps grilling things and leaving them on the picnic table on the back porch.  What a waste.


On his night off, while everyone was sleeping Terrance found whatever night time stragglers there were to work on his mischief some more.


All the way up until everyone started waking up and he needed to get to bed.


Allen and Luna were hanging out in Addison’s room.  Aren’t her pjs adorable?


While the kids are in school Kimberly asks Dion if she can talk to him.  She explains that now that the kids are older she feels lost. She wants a life and someday kids of her own.


Dion comforts her and tells her he has an idea.


“I got all of you kids from the wishing well in one way or another… perhaps it will grant you life?” he said.  “Unfortunately, we can’t afford to give much for an offering right now so I don’t know if it will work.”


And so Kimberly makes her way to the well a couple of times every day wishing for life.


As much as she loves her brothers, sister, and cousin, she needs the hope that someday she can fall in love and have a family of her own.


Luna sees this boy, Franciso, walking behind the house and goes out to meet him.  He tells her he met her funny uncle Terrance the other day.


Khloe crash lands again for no apparent reason!  She makes pretty good money selling the things she finds but everyone wonders if it’s even worth it when she has to shell out $1,000 for parts every time she crashes.  And of course, there’s the added worry that one day she won’t crawl out of the wreckage.


Both Dion and Allen have birthday’s on the same day.  The family was all there to celebrate.  First, Dion aged to adult.


Then, Allen blew out his candles to age to teen.


He took a selfie to commemorate the moment.


Invigorated by the hope that she’ll someday be alive Kimberly works extra hard at helping the kids with their homework and anything else she can do around the house to make things better for her family.


Instead of chasing down sims to be mischievous to Terrance just spends hours trolling the forums before work.


Khloe rebuilt her rocket… again.


Francisco and cousin Ti-Ning came home after school with the kids and Luna wanted to have some fun so invited them to play a game.


She saw another kid walking by the house named Maxwell and ran out to meet him.


They talked for hours and became friends.


Khloe aged to adult alone in her bedroom and was very sad that everyone forgot her birthday.


The well must have been in a rotten mood because it played a nasty trick on Kimberly.  It gave her life… and then took it away again. She was mortified but she kept wishing a couple times a day.


After yet another wish granted her an item but she didn’t understand why she went to her dad asking what these things were for.  He said it sounds like ingredients for a recipe called ambrosia.  Maybe this is their solution to granting her life?  He vows to try to learn the recipe for her but she should still keep trying the well while he works on it.








Chapter 3.11

Chapter notes:

If you like Luna’s hair you can find it here.  I guess moving lots stopped all of the kids from playing on that little playground like they did in the last generation.  Luna’s only met those two boys that were walking near the house so far.  I’m really torn between wanting Dion to keep the writer job for a while longer because the published books make good money and going with my original plan of him getting high in the comedy career through his adult life stage.  Terrance’s mischief skill took forever to get to 9 for his next promotion and he barely got to hack or make viruses for some extra cash.  Despite all of the setbacks, they’ve saved up some good money and I hope to buy back the inspiration room after they pay the bills next.  I feel guilty not doing more with Allen but since he’s not staying in the house in the next generation I have a hard time being very interested in him right now.  The kids are all running me ragged trying to get their grades up and finish their aspirations.  I swear, it was easier when they were toddlers!


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