TS4- Random Legacy II 3.12: Growing Up

Gen 3 Chapter 12

Kimberly wishes for life at the well time and time again with poor results.

After so many failed attempts, Dion and Kimberly decide it’s best if he just learns the recipe for ambrosia. She already has all of the ingredients that he needs.  The time that the well brought her to life and then made her a ghost again leaves her perpetually embarrassed which is starting to get on the family’s nerves even though they try to understand.  They miss the old giggly Kimberly.

Luna struggles with the fact that she has to constantly disguise herself in order to interact with other children.  When she sees a boy she knows from school walking nearby she decides to go talk to him.

His name is Darrin and Luna has a bit of a crush on him.

She tries to act natural and chat with him but soon he has to go so she heads back home.

The next day is Addison’s birthday and she decides to spend the day coloring pictures and playing her violin alone.

Meanwhile, most of the family hangs out outside enjoying the nice weather.

Gideon and Luna get along best of any of the children.  She keeps him company while he practices chess.  Terrance sits nearby hacking on the computer.


Gideon and Luna become best friends.

Then, late that night, Addison blows out her birthday candles.

Everyone is a bit too sleepy for a big celebration, unfortunately.

In the morning Addison chats with Gideon in his bedroom.  They decide that the club should be split between boys and girls so that there’s room for some of the kids they’ve met.

While waiting for everyone to wake up Gideon creates some emotion potions.

Because of the many crash landings, Khloe decides it is worth the expense to add a landing computer onto the rocket.

Once Luna is awake Gideon tells her the idea of splitting the clubs and she becomes the leader of the new girl’s club.  Darren, Maxwell, and Francisco all join the boys club but there are no additional neighborhood girls that they know for hers.

Ti-Ning heads inside and plays chess with Gideon.

A little girl named Camryn shows up while the rest of the kids are playing and Luna invites her to the club.  While they’re all playing Luna becomes good friends with Darrin.

After paying the hefty bills the next day the family has an inspiration room added to the house.  It has painting, music and a computer for writing.

When she gets home from school Addison heads into the new room to start writing her first book.

Then that night it’s time for Gideon’s birthday!

How handsome is he?

The next morning he decides to avoid the crowd in the kitchen to try out cooking on the grill.  The fridge is stuffed with gourmet meals so this was a pointless gesture.

After school Luna decides to play some video games.  She realizes she really loves playing games.

Soon her dad and sister Kimberly join her in the game.  She’s excited that she’s won.

Gideon and Allen hang out while Gideon messes around on the computer.

Then just before bed Addison finally completes her first book and self-publishes it.


Somehow I missed Addison’s age-up screenie.  She has the Best Selling Author aspiration and creative and lazy traits.

Chapter 3.13

Chapter notes:

Because of the whole curse thing and having the kids so late this generation is dragging on.  Luna has 2 days before aging to teen and Terrance is 8 days from elder!  Now that Kimberly has the new mortification death she’s driving me nuts.  She also haunts things constantly and makes everyone in the house tense.  I’m totally ready for her to not be a ghost anymore.  I’m still not planning to count her as one of the kids to qualify as heir, though.  I’ve already done the heir poll for the next generation and have that one planned out with Luna as heir.  With the 5th generation I know it’s very possible that there might be more kids than the two voted on so I’m waiting to see before I plan out anything.


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