TS4- Alien Adoption 1: Rocket Boy

Chapter 1

Many years ago…

There once was a man named Lazlo Curious.  This man was abducted by aliens repeatedly, raised all of the children like they were his own, and then when they became adults his alien children returned to their world.  It was a heartbreaking responsibility but he loved his children and learned to find joy where he could.

He met a lady named Ashlee while she was walking by his house.  They met several times at his home while the babies were occupied.

One thing led to another then…

…one day a boy named Brian showed up at the house looking for his father.  Lazlo’s son Orion gave Brian a hard time and they never got along well.

Brian met his half brother’s Rocket and Zeke at the playground.  Rocket was really nice to him and they met many times after that until one day Rocket said he wasn’t going to be able to contact him anymore and disappeared.  Over the years Brian watched many of his half siblings disappear from that strange house.  Sometimes at night he even swore he’d seen a spaceship outside of the house!  Between that and some of the odd things Rocket said to him while he was growing up and the odd way his father acted Brian became obsessed with science.  It was his dream to someday travel to alien worlds.

Present day…

Young Brian Curious hadn’t been in the science career long but he had big dreams.

One day one of his supervisor told him he needed to go to city hall.  When he asked her why she said it was an unexpected jury duty.

Brian was confused but he headed over there to do his civic duty.  He’d never been to city hall before.  He’d rarely left Oasis Springs.

When he arrived he discovered that there was no extended jury duty at all.  He was brought into an office by himself and told a fantastical story:

Welcome to government program H9110. As you can see, this summons of “Extended Jury Duty” is a false one, but it needed to maintain secrecy. Everything you do or see from this point on is highly classified.

1 week ago an alien mothership crash landed in the desert of Strangetown. And when I say “Alien Mother Ship” I mean that extremely literally. The craft was piloted by a single alien mother and had over 100 alien infant passengers. Some sort of strange fertility or breeder ship, we’re not sure. What we DO know is that the mother did not survive the crash…but all of the infants did. While we work to figure out what caused this crash…these offspring are going to need care…and study. This is where you, citizen, come in.

You will be provided with one of the orphaned alien children for which to care. You might think you are experienced in parenting human children…but these aliens are extremely difficult to understand, I don’t just mean speech…they don’t know how to talk yet. Figuring out their body language is a mystery too. And getting them to do what you want them to do is even harder than it is with human children. 

After the information prompt was read to him a little alien boy was brought into the office.  He was told that he was chosen not only for his interest in science and alien worlds but also because of his family history.  At the time Brian was a little too shocked over the little blue alien crawling into the chair next to him to ask what family history that would be.

He did his best to communicate with the child asking him if he wanted to go home with him.  There was no question over whether he’d accept the duty.  This was a dream come true for Brian.  When asked what he’d like to name the boy he told them Rocket after his older half brother that was so kind to him years ago.

And off he went with his little bouncing baby boy.  The only disappointment Brian felt was when they informed him that he’d need to quit his science job.  He decided he’ll have to continue his studies the best he can from home.

He brought his new son back to Oasis Springs to his home thinking he’d need to hurry and buy things that the child would need.

“Home sweet home little guy,” Brian smiled as they entered his house.  He wouldn’t be lonely anymore.

After the child’s things were purchased he got started right away trying to teach little Rocket what he’d need to know to live in their world.

Chapter 2

Chapter notes:

Special thanks go to Cathy Tea for introducing me to yet another challenge!  (Like I really needed another one, lol.)  If you’re interested in learning more and reading the rules check out Pinstar and Mystic’s site here.  The city hall used is Newcrest City Hall by lescott0127.  The house is Scientist’s Starter 12k by pronterus.  I had to extend the house a little so I could add stairs and a basement for their beds.  Since I wanted this to seem like it was Brian’s house all along I took out the parts concerning the home being given to him and there being a special community for the families raising the alien children.

Brian and Rocket’s story will continue my Curiouser and Curiouser and Something Strange stories.  Both stories were ended sort of abruptly for one reason or another and I was thrilled when I got the idea of using Lazlo’s human son Brian.

I’ve made a chapter index for all three stories: Curious Stories.


  1. What a great start! I love how you’re tying it in with your other stories ! Love that house by Pronterus ! I was thinking of using one of his starters , but I fell in love with one of theKalinOtron’s first .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! It’s fun trying to tie the stories together. Makes me feel better about losing the saves for the other two. I love Pronterus’ builds. I’ve had a few. This one was perfect.

      Liked by 1 person

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