TS4- Alien Adoption Ch 2: A Total Debacle!

Chapter 2

A/N: When I started this challenge it was with the goal to keep it at least somewhat story-based instead of my usual commentary style.  That completely went out the window because of the fiasco that happened while attempting to play.  So, I’ll start with the story and then backtrack to the start with the commentary part to keep it less confusing…

Brian was feeling cooped up in the house so he took Rocket for a walk.  Across the street is the home that was his father’s.  It had been many years since his father, brothers, and sisters had all just been gone one day when Brian went there.

While they stood looking at it Brian told Rocket about the weird half brothers and sisters that used to live there.  He knew Rocket couldn’t understand him yet but it was nice to talk about it to someone.

As if talking about him brought him there his brother Zeke walked up when he was preoccupied with Rocket!

In a state of shock, Brian introduced Rocket to Zeke.  He didn’t seem very surprised to see an alien child.  He acted like he hadn’t been gone for several years.  He shook his head sadly at the disrepair that the old house had come to and told Brian he had something to show him.

They made their way to the roof of the house where Zeke showed Brian what he called a gateway.  He explained that it’s broken now but that it used to be how his brothers and sisters were transported to their world of Sixam.  He told Brian a crazy story about how Brian’s family comes from a long line of breeders.  It was his father Lazlo’s task to become impregnated by aliens, raise them, and then send them to their home world using the portal.  But something went wrong and instead the whole family was transported to Sixam instead.  He told him that their father is still alive and well and that time doesn’t work the same there as it does here.

Zeke told Brian that his time was almost up and he would be transported back to his world soon.  He quickly filled him in on how all of the brothers and sisters were doing but Brian was mostly interested in Rocket’s namesake.  When Brian tried asking Zeke about the alien mothership that crashed Zeke got quiet and said he needed to go.  He told him to take care of little Rocket and that he would pass on to the family that Brian was doing well.  He walked away from the house and when Brian looked up from watching Rocket he was gone!

Things in Brian’s life aren’t easy to explain.  He’s always tried to analyze everything.  Perhaps that’s why his last name is Curious. But as he watched his new little alien son he was more determined than ever to raise him well just like his father raised his brothers and sisters.  And pray that nobody took him from him when he became an adult.

The language barrier proved to be the biggest issue.  He had no idea if Rocket needed to go potty or any other needs for that matter so he just went from one to the other blindly with hopes that soon Rocket would be able to communicate.

They did a little stacking practice which Rocket seemed to enjoy.  Maybe he’d be a builder someday?  Maybe he was thinking way too far ahead!

Whenever Brian tried to ask Rocket what he needed Rocket seemed to just want to play.  They played a lot.

He also enjoyed playing by himself with his toys.  He played out stories that only he could understand.

At night Brian read him bedtime stories hoping that the words would sink in sooner or later.

He grew to savor the little bit of alone time that he got.  He consoled himself with the fact that Rocket wouldn’t be a toddler forever and when he got older he would have time to go back to his scientific research.

Thinking of research, he decided to give the office of adoptions a call.  He had the thought that maybe some of the other parents would have advice regarding the language barrier.  Shockingly, the office told him not so nicely that information is classified!

Brian decided if they won’t give him the information on the other parents then maybe he can find it himself!  Soon after starting though, he heard Rocket’s cries.

When he’s not dealing with a crazy toddler or trying to get a few moments peace he might find the time for research!

Now on to what else happened…

After shooting the pics with Zeke I went back to the main menu and restarted.  I didn’t want to lose any time working on the challenge itself while spending forever posing out screenshots for the story.  So, the welcome wagon showed up.  I clicked out of it because I wanted to get to business not entertain guests.  They said “I guess we’re not wanted here” but never left.  They came inside.  Then didn’t leave!  For hours.  They were eating food and using the bathroom and everything!  So I figured okay let me restart again and this time I will let the welcome wagon stay and just ignore them…

Before the welcome wagon thing even started Max Villareal showed up, stood at the door forever, and then walked in and started throwing paint on the floor!  The welcome wagon started and someone else showed up.  I waited and waited and the thing finally timed out and they said goodbye but never left!  What the heck?  I tried to form a group and get them to “go here” outside thinking I’d lock them out of the house.  No.  I cheated and added them to the family, then went to manage worlds, moved them into another house, and they showed back up like an hour later and walked into the house!

I quit the game again, found a mod that stops the welcome wagon, started playing again, and this dude shows up on the doorstep, stands there for a few minutes, and walks in and starts teaching Rocket on the blocks!  I got frustrated and quit again.

Started back up because I really want to do this darned challenge!  Bob Pancakes shows up at the door.  I tried using MC Command Center cheat to “make sim leave” but it didn’t do anything.

He walks in and starts reading a book!

I wanted to get a shot of Brian disciplining Rocket for making a mess but Bob was there!  I reset him because he was standing there holding an invisible book.  When the thought occurred to me to just delete him!  Which I did.  I used shift+click and destroy object on him.  Good thing it isn’t Sims 2.  That messed things up big time if you deleted a sim like that.

Several hours go by peacefully then this dude shows up at the door.  I think maybe he’ll just go away?

No!  He comes in and starts reading.  Deleted!

In case you’re wondering the lot type is right.

Chapter 3

Chapter notes:

They keep acting like they can’t leave the house.  But they walk up the stairs fine!  I guess I’m going to try messing with putting new stairs in or something but by the next morning I wasn’t even enjoying playing.  I was just trying to get screenshots to get it over with so I could write the chapter and be done with it.  Which is no fun.  So I stopped and I’ll try again once I’ve calmed down.

If you’re wondering about the actual story part at the beginning: Brian’s father Lazlo Curious was my main sim in my Xenophilia challenge but with one of the game patches the mod I was using to get him abducted stopped working.  Now you can cheat them abducted but it wasn’t working for some reason back then.  Anyway, I put the challenge on the back burner with every intention of going back to it and stuck the save file on my backup drive.  My backup drived died.  So I lost the save.  If someone can help me make a sim that looks just like Lazlo I’d like to have him return home after I’m done with this challenge.  The only reason I was able to use Zeke is that he looked freakishly like one of CitizenErased’s characters and I used pictures to modify him from the gallery to look like Zeke.


  1. First I am looking forward to more of your story.
    Waiting to see how others play this challenge before trying it myself.
    So sorry about the issues you are having.
    Have you ever tried lot traits? Private Dwelling works quite nicely when you want to avoid the welcome wagon or uninvited visitors.
    To get the other Sims to leave you could form a group and travel to another lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading! There’s particular required lot traits for the challenge Fast Internet, Science Lair, Mean Vibe so I can’t use that one. I didn’t want to bother traveling because it would take time from teaching Rocket but when I did send 2 sims away via manage worlds they came right back so I don’t know if that would work. I may have to get a whole new lot.

      Liked by 1 person

        • I ended up having to move them into a new lot and house. It still was messing up and I didn’t feel like trying to figure out if it was the house or the lot or what else it could be.


      • Oh nooo. Hm… Do you have the original house saved on the gallery? Perhaps you could try and re-place it. OR if you want to waste more of your time, you could save another copy of how you have it set up now and try that first and THEN replace with the original-original. Does that make sense?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh no! That sounds like a really annoying glitch! I haven’t got all the packs yet for the Sims 4, so I haven’t come across the Welcome Wagon, yet. Does locking the front door to not allow visitors work?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh wow. I hate the welcome wagon in general and I can only imagine how upset I’d be if they stayed and never left!

    It was cool meeting Zeke and seeing Brian’s childhood home!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m sorry, but that’s hilarious XD It probably is the stairs or something. I once had a door that sims could go through one way just fine, but the other way was suddenly completely beyond them. I think I ended up deleting the wall it was on and rebuilding that bit and it worked fine. I now this was ages ago for you, but some glitches are just like that =p I hope you managed to fix it!

    The stuff with the gate on the roof was fascinating!

    Liked by 1 person

    • In the end, I got so tired of trying to figure out what had glitched it out and how to fix it that I moved them.
      Yep, the gate is part of the Xenophilia challenge as well. It was part of that house when I downloaded it and I thought it was a cool idea.

      Liked by 1 person

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