TS4- Alien Adoption Ch 3: New Home!

Chapter 3

I was determined to solve whatever issue that is causing the problems I’ve been having with sims getting stuck in the house.  So as soon as I logged in I deleted the stairs, all of the plants around them, and replaced them with new stairs.  When I went back to live mode I was surprised to see the sims that I destroyed last chapter.  I guess it just temporarily deletes them until the next restart?  I’m not sure.

Then Johnny Zest showed up.  He’s the one that did that last welcome wagon if you remember.  The time when Max showed up before him and walked in the house and started making a mess.  Anyway, Johnny was there the entire day!

I happened to hover over him and he still had the tag from the wagon!

I “destroyed” Johnny figuring he’d be fixed by the next restart.  But then the next problem popped up.  Brian couldn’t go outside to take out the trash!  Seriously?  This house worked fine when I first started this challenge!  They walked up and down the stairs to take screenshots with no problems at all!  I have no idea what’s going on.  I think the lot got bugged or something.  So it was time to move…

Brian decided to concentrate his time on Rocket and his needs instead of pursuing his intellectual and scientific quests.  While he was sad to see his little trailer go, he realized that it wasn’t the right place to raise a child.  He didn’t even have a bathtub!  So he sold his little trailer and decided while he was at it to move to a nearby neighborhood instead of living across the street from his father’s abandoned house.  This looked like a nice neighborhood for a child.  It has a playground and nice homes.

The move wore little Rocket out.  Now he has his own bedroom.  I’m sure he’ll appriciate that when he’s older.

Since he’s temporarily given up his scientific research Brian decided to start writing “fictional” books about Rocket.

Anticipating that Rocket may wake up hungry he cooks up some grilled cheese before heading to bed himself.

It was a good call on the grilled cheese.  Rocket woke up hungry.  While he ate Brian told him stories.

Then it was time for a bath!

After a little potty training, Brian decides to work on trying to teach some words to Rocket so they can attempt to communicate better.

It doesn’t go very well.

Instead, he decides to try showing Rocket pictures in a book as he reads to him.  Perhaps that will help him learn the language better?

All of the hard work with the potty has paid off!  Brian finds him using it all on his own and celebrates.

Late that night when both Brian and Rocket are sleeping they have an unwelcome visitor.

What Caleb?  Is one vamp at a time not enough?  The back door was set as the front door if you’re wondering.  He stood there at the door for hours.  I’ve gotten used to my sims all living in apartments so I forgot about the annoying standing at the door thing.

I guess Vlad didn’t want to be too close to Rocket when he drank from Brian?  He took him outside.

Poor Brian.  Passed out in the bushes!

Rocket wakes up and realizes daddy’s not around!  Time for some mischief!

He’d barely made a mess before daddy woke up and caught him.

Poor Brian was so uncomfortable from the vampire bite and had to clean up a mess on top of that.

CathyTea mentioned a nice little trick to me that I thought I’d share.  Put out a plate of food in case the toddler is hungry and they’ll take one themselves!  I’ve been doing this when Rocket wakes before Brian.

No hard feelings over the mess.  Brian comes in and makes funny faces until Rocket bursts into giggles.

Then while daddy showers Rocket discovers the tv remote!  He hides it for later.

Brian redirects him from digging through drawers to playing with his toys.

He’s not sure what he’s saying but Rocket tells quite the story!

A little block stacking help.  Rocket loves his blocks.

The problem with playing the blocks together is when it’s canceled for the adult the child still continues doing it.  So when Brian made some peas for Rocket and then should have put him in his high chair he ended up just sitting down to eat instead.

Eventually, Rocket stopped playing and Brian got up and put him in his chair… well, once I’d moved it to a useable spot that is! We also learned that Rocket really loves peas!

I don’t think Rocket is thrilled with the flashcards today.

It doesn’t take long for him to stop listening and run to his room.

But he’s back a few minutes later with the remote that he found.  He proudly starts watching the kids channel.

Brian knows that using the tv as a babysitter isn’t the best parenting tactic but he also needs time to himself.  He does a little bit of searching to see if he can find any of the other adopted parents and when that bears no fruit he continues working on his Rocket book.

Chapter 4

Chapter notes:

Any of you who read my posts regularly know that I have a terrible time sticking to a story format.  Hopefully, this wasn’t too jarring switching from story to commentary and back again?  Let me know, please.  

The new house is Cozy Cottage Starter also by pronterus.  I wanted to use another one of his builds since the first was his.  This house is just lovely.  It’s shocking that it’s a starter home!  I seriously think the problem was the lot not the build in the first one because it worked fine until the welcome wagon showed up the next day!  

Oh, one tip I thought everyone might be interested in… normally when I play I constantly look at the toddler’s skills to see what they need to work on next.  But we can’t click on them to look!  It was driving me nuts.  Then I had the thought that I get notifications when he gets to a higher skill.  So I went through all the notifications and found them all and wrote them down.  Now when a new notification pops up I scratch out the last number and put in a new number.  If you’re wondering his skills are all at 3 now except thinking which is still at 2.  At least that’s what they are as far as I can tell!  I’m hoping Rocket will be my first toddler with all his skills maxed.  That would be awesome!


  1. I love the intermixed story -commentary style ! You’re doing great with skills ! Septemus maxed all except thinking , which was at least three. I’ve never played toddlers on normal life span before , so my strategy was not in pace for maxing all skills ! Maybe I’ll do another Wonder Child sometime . .. Your two are very adorable together !

    Liked by 3 people

    • Good, I’m glad you like it that way. I decided to wait to see if anyone had an opinion before I played again. Thinking skill is the hardest in my opinion. I only play on normal, except Murkland, so I’ve never maxed them before. I’m waiting to do Wonderchild when/if seasons comes out so I can use them for the Apocalypse Challenge.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. No problems with format for me! You know, no one ever said you HAVE to use the same format per chapter…so don’t be afraid to mix it up. Laughed pretty hard when Vlad AND Caleb showed up; that’s never happened to me before!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Good, I’m gonna keep writing it this way for now. The collab posts will probably be different once they start. I laughed so hard with Caleb showed up too! I haven’t had that happen either.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Rainy – I love your stories, anyway you want to tell them. The new house is nice. Rocket is quite the character. Hope Brian can keep up with those vampires draining him. Sheesh!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Also I don’t have a problem with the format. Though since you asked, I got to thinking that if you’re worried it’s jarring, maybe you can separate the commentary and story by using a different type of font? Like normal for the story and italics for the commentary (though if the commentary bits get long, italics may become a bit distracting to read). Just a thought.

    Liked by 1 person

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