TS4- Alien Adoption Ch 4: Little Troublemaker!

Chapter 4

Brian and Rocket worked on learning shapes until finally, Rocket got up to skill level 3 in thinking.  He now has level 3 in everything as far as I know.

They celebrated with a little play time.

Then it was time for a bath.  I have no idea how often Rocket needs to be bathed so I’ve been doing it every other day.

Rocket gets sad because daddy’s in the shower.

He soon finds something to entertain himself with though.  Tearing up books!

I don’t know what Brian was thinking but he gave Rocket animal crackers!  If you didn’t know they give the toddler a total sugar high!

Time for flashcards.  Rocket’s distracted and doesn’t pay much attention.

Then, as soon as Brian turns his back to start making lunch Rocket’s out the door!

Making a mess with some paints!

Brian was pretty angry because it scared him not knowing where Rocket was.  Rocket had come down off of his sugar high by that point and was angry.  I’m assuming the yelling made him even angrier.

While daddy mops up the paint Rocket starts making a mess with flour and syrup!  (Where does he keep all of this?)

Brian tries being firm this time and expressing his disappointment in Rocket’s behavior but Rocket still reacts very strongly to the discipline and yells at Brian.

A quick autonomous hug to say sorry.

Then daddy’s left outside cleaning up the messes while Rocket heads to bed… way too early.

While Rocket sleeps Brian makes some yummy mac ‘n’ cheese.  No more animal crackers for that boy!

Rocket wakes up and goes potty by himself.  He does a happy little dance.  Maybe he’s happy to have made yet another mess for Brian to clean up?

Brian is exhausted!  He leaves out a plate of mac ‘n’ cheese and figures that Rocket can play quietly by himself for a few hours.  Big mistake!

Another mess!

Brian got up to check on Rocket and discovered him gone.  He wasn’t in the back yard like before.  This time he’s in the front yard! He’s more upset over the fact that someone could have snatched Rocket than the mess.  Also, I have no idea why Rocket changed clothes when Brian started disciplining him.  I’d actually forgotten that I’d given him two outfits until now!

Brian sits Rocket down with his food and goes back to bed… again.  And look what he does as soon as he’s finished eating!

Brian figures the only way he’ll get any sleep is if he can get Rocket to sleep himself.

Rocket wakes up after a few hours and runs into Brian’s room all smiles…

Then pretends to cry and wakes him up!  Then he started laughing!  What a little jokester!

Brian tries to talk to Rocket about behaving better.  I wonder if it sunk in?

Then he sits with Rocket and reads some more.  He thinks that Rocket is starting to understand him better.

This was hilarious!  I just happened to pause at the right (wrong?) moment when he was doing that weird backward pickup thing they do sometimes.  I swear I was laughing so hard I started crying!

Best.  Picture.  Ever!

A little stacking is in order now.

Rocket’s favorite part is knocking down the stack of blocks!

Once Rocket’s had enough of block play he gets a snuggle from daddy.  It’s been a crazy couple of days!

I thought this was funny!  No aliens?

Chapter 5


  1. OMG, how much mess can one toddler make! I have only just recently bought Parenthood but haven’t had a chance to play it because I’ve been too busy writing my posts etc lol I can’t wait to try it out, it looks fun 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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