TS4- The Curious Brothers Ch 18: Changes

Alien Adoption Challenge Chapter 18

One thing that Brian never experienced with Rocket was the late night feedings.

He’s so proud of how well Rocket has been doing.  He’s decided that once he ages to teen he can go back to school.  He needs more social interaction.

So when Rocket asks yet again this time he says yes.

Always one of the babies is crying.  First was Padme.

He had just finished his last round of samples when the baby monitor went off again.

This time it was Falcon.  Even when they cry they’re cute.

Rocket looked at his owl toy and realized he really didn’t feel like playing with it anymore.  Maybe the twins would like it?

He pulled out his notebook to write another note to Manny.  Maybe since he can go to school Monday he can see Manny again soon too?

The next day Rocket went upstairs to play chess but chess alone is boring so he went back down to find Brian.

When Brian pointed out the acne on his face he became embarrassed.  It only shows in his disguise.  Silly disguise!

He decided he wanted to go back downstairs so he didn’t have to feel weird about his face.  He told Brian all about how he’d learned to take care of babies and what a great brother/uncle he is.  Which reminded Brian that it’s time to age up the twins.

A little while later Brian calls to Rocket to come see.  Aren’t they adorable?

Rocket starts telling jokes right away.  How could he not with those cute laughs?

So many changes in the family and one more to come!

But first, let’s have some fun!

Dance party!  Tomorrow’s the big day but today we dance.  And other things…

Then the morning comes…

Brian gets up early so he can bake Rocket’s cake.

Rocket jumps up from the table and gives Brian one last child hug before he finishes his grilled cheese and changes his clothes.

This is it!  Are we ready?

Blow out those candles Rocket!  (That face is so funny)




A/N: Sorry guys, this is the furthest I’ve played in this one.  I can’t really say why I haven’t gotten back to it.  Hopefully one day I’ll get a spark of inspiration for them.


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