BaC Challenge Modded Tests Day One

As you may know, I’ve divided the Build a City Challenge rules into two options.  One for those who play a vanilla un-modded game or just want updated rules of the original Sims 2 version.  And another for a version using mods.  I’d considered giving the second version a different name… but really, building a city from the ground up is what you’re doing!

Let me explain my reasoning for some of the recent changes.  I did a one rotation test through my AfterTime sims and by the time I’d finished I realized that the original rules were way too easy!  I had sims that were starting with close to §60,000!  The rolling for starter cash sounded like fun.  I LOVE rolling!  But, too easy.  Also, the loans?  Gone!  Naw, we want our little simmies to suffer!  So, instead, each founding household starts with §7,000 worth of credits cards.  But wait!  There’s more to make them suffer!  Almost every item in the buy catalog is restricted!  I’m so evil.

Ever since Get to Work was released I have had this dream of a save with every single buy mode item that can be sold being sold in stores.  So realistic!  I’m not going to get into that whole part because I really haven’t figured out exactly how they earn the opening of the household stores yet.  I need to test and see how quickly they can donate to the cause first.  Anyway, here’s the link if you’re curious since I’ve done a really quick explanation here leaving a lot out: Modded Version Testing Rules.

I ended up taking these screenshots several times because my first ideas were scrapped.  I’d started the day with the plan to do testing… like actual playing!  Not so much.  Very early on I’d realized the starter kits I make were pointless.  Then I realized I was allowing the sims to buy items I’d intended to be restricted.  So, I spent close to 12 hours making a huge list of restricted items and exceptions.  And then I kept re-reading and editing the rules pages.  Ugh.  Then, I became obsessed with finding the perfect theme.  Finally, at almost midnight I got to actually building the simmies their lots!

All of these test households will live on their community lots.  I just think it’s more fun that way personally.  So, I had them buy their “home” lot because the game won’t let them use a community lot as home and business.  Bleh.  The ones opening stores or restaurants only need to use the Owned Businesses tab on the bottom right of the UI to purchase their community lots.

Dina’s household will be running a gym and Liberty’s will be running a gaming center.  Both require using a computer to purchase the lots via the venue mod.  So they headed to Founder’s Park to borrow the computer there.

At this point, all the households have purchased their community lots which are given to them free to help boost the economy.

The new and improved starter kit comes with just one item! Credits cards!  I mean, you could take them to purchase them yourself at the atm but depending on how many founders you’ll have this would add more time.  I figured out a trick for this after a while.  First, give them enough money to purchase the kit which is §7,000 something.  Place the kit in build mode and knock out the walls and floor.  If you’re placing a premade lot you’ll need to go back to live mode to pick up all of the cards…

So, pick up all of the cards and stick them in their personal inventory.  If there is more than one sim in the household disperse the §100 cards among them in case one visits a lot alone.  Then, make the household and business funds 0.  And sell the §5,000 card. You’re now ready to go back into build mode and place that pre-made lot!  But, if you’re not placing a pre-made lot you can do another trick…

While you’re still in build mode after you’ve destroyed the walls around the card kit go ahead and transfer whatever funds are left in the business to the household.  Now you can cash in that §5,000 card via build mode!  You can set up the lot however you see fit.  Just make sure after you’ve changed back to live mode that you set the household funds to §0!

Our first lot of the day was Dina and Conner Fleming.  They will run a gym community lot since both of them are active as you can see!

Ta-da!  Here we are.  As you may notice they have a computer on the lot.  This is allowed because they will receive daily income which they can only collect via a computer on their owned lot.  No lights are allowed so they had to skimp with a single lantern. No toilets either so there is a bush.  Only one type of sink and shower are allowed but only on lots requiring them!  I really had to juggle things around when I realized they had nowhere to sleep and no cooler for when they don’t have time to run to Founder’s Park to eat!

Kerri is cheerful and childish both of which were in the toy store category when I was trying to decide what she should do and since there is a toddler in the neighborhood I thought a toy store would be a good idea since almost every toy is restricted otherwise!  Behind the wall, she has a cot, cooler, and small lantern.  I was able to purchase much more with her starting §5,000 than I’d expected!

The Lamberts you may be familiar with already.  In my AfterTime BaCC Jace has worked as a mixologist at the lounge and Liberty is a waitress at the restaurant.  Since one of the AfterTime families has toddlers I thought I’d give them one to test with as well.  Their lot is a gaming center.  Bare Bones Gaming Center!  I’m so funny!  Anyway, it requires 4 computers so they will be able to use one of those to collect their daily income.  They will also get §20 per hour for each of the sims using the computers when they visit.  I decided that since the toddler has a bed they might as well get the air cushion which is actually cheaper than the tent but looks kinda goofy in my opinion.

Nia has the foodie trait and she rolled another one when I aged her up to a young adult that I thought would work well for a restaurant. Rindle Rose Restaurant is bare bones as well!  I did splurge on a second table and the tables that cost a bit more.  I left her with a little money in business funds because she has to hire workers.  Hopefully, she’ll be able to put a bar in for a mixologist very soon or she’ll be broke forever!  Restaurants make nooo money… either that or I’m doing something very wrong.

Last is the fish store Fresh Fish!  I’ve had this idea ever since Coolspear described this fishing pond on the mod notes for the  Fishing Equal Chance All Fish version 2.  And I have waited impatiently for him to release a room containing it.  But first, you can see they had tons of extra money.  I decided to put in a foosball table for a bit of extra income and a radio because why not?  Notice all of the insects and stuff over the pond?  Another one of Coolspear’s wonderful mods!  So, here’s how I got the pond.

After downloading version 2 of the fishing mod I also grabbed his absolutely awesome Future Sim Labs lot.  This thing left me jaw dropped and drooling.  I now have a goal to get a sim in the Science career pronto!  I wonder if it would be cheating to just try to persuade the aliens to abduct one of my sims so the career opens?  I mean, there’s no way I’m gonna try topping the astronaut career to open it, that would take too long! Anyways, after spending like 30 minutes in pure amazement at the upgraded facility I made my way to the basement and made a room of the pond he has there so that I could use it in the shop lot.

Look at the beautiful dragonflies and lightning bugs!  I’m in love!  There are a bunch of insects inhabiting the pond.  And if you’re wondering no, I won’t post this to the gallery since Coolspear doesn’t post his lots to the gallery I feel like that would be a major misstep on my part.  Which is why I went through the trouble of explaining how I did get it.  Now that the explanations are out of the way let’s look at the finished results!

Here are the restaurant and fish store lots.

And the gym, toystore, and gaming center lots.  Normally, I’m kinda bla about Willow Creek but I quite like the way things look from this view.  But, Brindleton Bay?  Drool!  I have to at least explore it.  Though, it only has 16 lots.  Meh.  Luckily, after 10 community lots are placed you earn a new world.

Alrighty!  That’s it for day one of testing.  I mostly made this to explain how to start out for those helping with testing.  If you want to help too feel free!  I also can’t play without taking screenshots.  I used the aspirations and traits page to choose their chosen community lot but there will be some sims that might not own one and will instead decide to sell things via the street store or street gallery tables at Founder’s Park.  So many options!  I’m soooo excited about these new rules!  I did realize after I’d finished everything that I’d forgotten to put tables at the entrances for sims in other households to place the cards.  I may just make them a free item.  If you got this far thanks for reading.  Oh!  And if you’re wondering why I’m posting this on here and not the BaCC rules site?  The awesome new theme I put there makes screenshots look terrible!

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