TS3- SNAFU: Building An Apocalypse Part III

SNAFU (situation normal, all f***ed up)

Part III: The Actual Plan + a preview!

A/N- Unlike the previous two chapters this one does have definite spoilers!  Nothing huge but if you want to be completely in the dark skip it.  Reading these Building an Apocalypse chapters is entirely optional.  They have absolutely no information story-wise.  You can easily move from the Without a Compass Epilogue to the SNAFU prologue and happily skip over all of my yammering!  There’s a lot of it.  You have been warned!

Okay!  This is it!  I believe I have a plan, people!  Let’s hope I don’t fail miserably at this.  So, as I’ve mentioned, there are advantages and handicaps.  I’ll start with those.  I don’t know how many of the handicaps I’ll actually be able to stick with.  Originally I only had enough to make up for the advantages so that my score was at 0 to start instead of being negative.  But since I can drop them and just take the loss of points I figure I’ll aim high and see where it takes me.  Here they are:

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow (-15 point advantage)
    • Your bloodline may freely include any kind of occult.

Due to the way that I’m starting the game and it being sort of an advantage I decided to take the rainbow hit.  This way I can marry in some supernaturals at some point if I want.  Most of them are so heavily restricted at the beginning though they aren’t very helpful.

  • Higher Education (-5 point advantage)
    • Your founder is allowed to attend University before the challenge starts.
  • How Much Time Do I Have? (-10 point advantage)
    • The founder need not obey Apocalypse restrictions until they return from University.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m sending the founder to university.  I have to take a huge hit so that I can get all of the skills and stuff needed while there to (hopefully) clear Alien Technology right away giving me more time.

  • Privileged Family: (-5 point advantage)
    • Your allowed building space is 10×10 instead of 8×8 before Politics is lifted.
  • Big backpacks: (-5 point advantage):
    • Your family has a stash of big rucksacks; all Sims in the household may carry 5 items in their inventory instead of only 3.
    • If your founder attends University, they may come home with 5 items rather than 3.

Two of my advantages I’m taking mostly because of uni.  Big backpack so I can bring home more crap and privileged family so I can put one of the things on the lot without having to sell it afterward… although, I won’t be able to use it for quite a while.

  • No Country for Old Sims: (10 point handicap)
    • With a lack of proper healthcare, sims don’t live very long and easily die of common diseases and complications of elder-hood. Elders living more than a few days are a rare occurrence.
  • Haunted Mansion: (15 point handicap)
    • No one from your household can ever move out. They all have to be killed should you need to get rid of them and all of their tombstones must be kept on your home lot for the whole duration of the challenge.
  • Mental Endurance: (-5 point advantage)
    • Your family possesses an exceptional strength of mind and therefore is more resistant to senility than others.
    • Upon aging up to Elder, your sims stay controllable for another 3 days until midnight.

Like I said, Alien Tech gives me more time.  It extends the lifespan 15 days. More time meaning it shouldn’t hurt me having the poor senile uncontrollable elders have a very short elder stage.  But, I’m not moving anyone out you see. And since we can’t move gravestones if they die in the house that would really suck so I’m doing the mental endurance so I can control them most of those last days and have some story-friendly way to keep order.

  • I See Dead People: (5 point handicap)
    • Every day is a Zombie day until you lift Paranormal. Then you switch to every 7 days or moon cycle throughout the remainder of the challenge.

Every day is zombie day.  This is for story purposes and will likely drive me insane but I thought it made more sense than just once a week.

  • Evil Cartel: (5 point handicap)
    • As long as Master Thief is in effect, if your sim ever loses a job, they cannot get a new job at all, in any field.

Evil cartel could kill me.  Literally.  I took it because I’m attempting to lift Master Thief right away and it’d give me 5 points but if they lose that job I’m going to have to start over!  …or more likely I’ll just be cheaty about it and drop the handicap, lol.

  • Greedy Gangsters: (5 points handicap)
    • Not only do you have to pay the mob on Mondays, now you have to do it on Thursdays too!
    • You must continue your Monday payments even after you lift Criminal.
  • Black Market: (-5 points advantage)
    • You are allowed to sell one buy mode object or crafted item each week even if Business has not been lifted.
    • It can be a large object even if Athletics has not been lifted.

I figured greedy gangsters and black market worked well together.  I can pay the mob and then turn around and sell something afterward if needed.  Plus, with the black market, I can sell stuff locked by athletics!  Booyah.  And I’ve even thought of a clever way to fit it into the storyline.  It might sound crazy doing this but I know very well how boring things get once your sims have lots of excess cash.  This should prevent this and keep me strategizing on how to do things despite the continued mob payments.

  • Moral Standards: (5 point handicap)
    • May not break up marriages (or even partnerships).
    • May not do any romantic interactions with already partnered/married sims apart from asking if they are single.
  • The Age of Aquarius: (5 point handicap)
    • May only marry (or breed with) sims with compatible zodiac signs.
  • Bloodline only: (5 point handicap)
    • Only the founder, heirs, and spares can lift restrictions – spouses (or other Sims added to the household) may not.

Those of you who read my stuff know that I very rarely break up relationships and usually, I only do that when the game (aka mods) decides to hook up someone I’ve got my eye on before I can make my move.  In Sims 2 and 3 I try to get them together with those with good attraction but that might be a bit difficult considering the whole apocalypse thing.  One nice thing about taking the handicap that only the bloodline can lift restrictions is that I won’t care what job they have when considering them.  I plan to use them to work on some other stuff in addition to caring for kids.  

  • The Eyes Have It: (5 point handicap)
    • All heirs must have the same feature such as eye color as the founder. It should be unique in your world and not used by premade townies.

I changed the founder’s eye color.  I’d thought about using a skin color but nixed it.  I made it so it’s a pattern in the RGB color picker so I’ll know right away without even looking.

  • Walk to work: (10 point handicap)
    • Only Sims with 10 in Athletics may obtain any employment that requires them to leave the home lot.

I did the walk to work one figuring I’ll be getting everyone’s athletics skill up high pretty fast anyway since if they don’t have high enough skill they can’t leave the lot without an escort and a lot of my plans don’t involve rabbit hole jobs anyway so I might as well attempt it.

  • What are Cell Phones?: (10 point handicap)
    • Sims may not use cell phones and must instead always use a landline.

I don’t know if I’ll manage to stick with the no cell phones one.  They can’t use them right away anyway and they can only use the land line a couple days a week and I probably won’t unlock that restriction until at least halfway through so I figured it was worth a try.

  • Trust No One: (5 point handicap)
    • Only good friends and romantic interests can be invited over to your home lot. Only best friends and steady partners can ever be let in your house.

The one with inviting friends and romantic interests over… I don’t know how well that one will work.  I literally never invited anyone over during the TS2 apocalypse that I can remember.  I’d have them meet someone on the street and marry them.  Maybe the few ones they’d met as teens I did?  Again, it’s worth the try and if it sucks I’ll drop it and lose the points I would have gained.

Enjoy a zombie pic to break the monotony of this long detailed list.

As to the order that I’m lifting things… I’m having a hard time keeping to one plan.  At this time I know for sure which I plan to lift first and how.  After that, I have two lists and both have a solid order for one reason or another but they have some big differences and I’ve decided not to even publish them because I’d rather wait and see what gets to me the most because that will likely be what I try to lift despite my strategy.

Last, I wanted everyone to see the town since you won’t see it for awhile due to my founder only being able to visit the network of closest lots…

The “network”.  I did leave the graveyard because it’s super cool.  This bunker that’s dug into the ground closest to the camera is the Masters.  Next, after that is the Dudlanskys.  After that is the library.  Behind that is my big park.  Across the street from the library is the Santazars whom you’ve barely seen but since I’ve been using him as my uni tester I’ve played a lot of at least him.  And then next to that is the huge lot that my founder will build their bunker on.  There’s another pic I don’t remember taking that shows that better.

A closer look at the library.  I moved the LLAMAs out from under there after this because I realized they go up into the floor when someone uses them!

A closer look at the park.  It looks so pitiful!

My favorite open-air market has been suitably trashed.  I left most of the knick-knack decorations at the consignment stand because I figured it would look cool like desperate people selling off their treasures.

I made two of these.  There’s one designated a dance club (LOL!) and another a dive bar.

The “gym”.

I didn’t realize I had two pics of the network area.  This bunker’d rabbit hole closest to the camera is city hall.

Credits: I’d like to note here that I didn’t build any of the townie bunkers.  I just modified ones that I’d gotten elsewhere.  The bulk of which were from Mikitta’s Rattlesnake Ridge world that I liked so much.  Some of these I assume were from there but I could be wrong.  Those include Middle-Class Apoc Housing, Townie Block, Ridge View Trailer Park, Fallout Shelter, Building Down Bunker, and Family Shelter.  There’s one from R.R. by Rflong7 Apoc Tower I used and which I’m actually using as a base for the founder’s house I just started building.  I also grabbed her Townie Survival Hut from the Ice Base world.  There were a few that I got off of the exchange that were very detailed so I only used them once and deleted them after to make sure I didn’t use them again not thinking to write down the creators.  The only one from the exchange with a name in the description is Weathering Heights by Norn.  There’s a really cool one which is actually the Master’s bunker and unfortunately, they didn’t put their name in the description.

Thanks for sticking with me over this craziness.  I hope you enjoy all that I have planned.  After the prologue, I have a special Lost Years chapter for those of you who are familiar with Without a Compass!

SNAFU Prologue

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