TS3- SNAFU: Prologue

SNAFU (situation normal, all f***ed up) Prologue: My Mission…

This is it.  University.  All of the planning and plotting has come to this moment and I suddenly realize that everything depends on me!  How did this happen?  Why me?  I mean, it was either me or Aeralyn and well, she kind of stands out.  I was the more logical choice but still, it’s a lot of pressure!  I should be honored.  As thanks to the forewarning and all of the hard work that our parents have done it was decided that one of us would head to University for this mission.  I thought Aeralyn should go.  She thought I was being silly and that my cover is better.  Now that I’m here I know she was right.  Plus, she’s kinda too soft-hearted for this stuff.

So, here’s the plan… I’m here as a Fine Arts major.  Totally believable considering who my parents are.  And though I’m not nearly as good at art as my sister is she was never in the running for this mission considering her indifference to the whole thing.  But we won’t go into my annoying sister and her whining about being ignored while everyone prepared for an apocalypse!  I mean, if we don’t plan where will that leave us?  But, there are plenty of other doubters.  She’s not the only one that’s for sure.

Oops.  I got distracted.  Fine arts major, right.  So, I’ll paint and go to my classes.  All that good student stuff right?  But, what nobody will realize is that I’ve been set up here to work on some experiments for the scientists back home.  They gave me the instruction manuals but they don’t have the equipment.  Hopefully, I won’t mess it up.

Also, while I’m here I have a second mission that they don’t know about.  I’m supposed to make connections.  Find some sims that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.  If we’re gonna survive this thing we need to stick together.  Unfortunately, we’ve already seen the politicians and law enforcement and even the military setting themselves up like fat cats for the rest of us to suffer.  It might have been better not to have warned them.  But back when our moms returned from the future they were just happy that the mayors of Midnight Hollow would listen at all.  Yea, mayors.  A husband and wife team.  So weird but whatever.

That just leaves us with the not so lawful elements to deal with.  It’s not like we’re planning to steal things!  But hey we gotta do what we gotta do so we can feed our families and I don’t see anything wrong with that.  My parents balked at the plan.  But really what can they do?  My sister turned up her nose.  When did she turn into such a snob?  It would be nice to have her support.  I’ll admit here what I’ve been hiding from everyone else.  I’m terrified.  We don’t really know exactly what’s coming.  We just know from the little that our moms could find that it’s soon.  Real soon.  There’s no way to prevent it so we’ll have to find a way to deal with it.  A way to hopefully fix things and change the horrifying future they saw.  Like I said, pressure. I guess I should go to the meet and greet.  Gotta start making those connections after-all.

The countdown begins…

168 Days to Zero Hour

Without a Compass Lost Years


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