TS3- Without a Compass/SNAFU: The Lost Years

The lost years…

Jazmine Masters after aging to a teen.

Ivan Masters after aging to a child.

Kia, the Dudlanksky’s kitten aging up.


The long-awaited wedding day.  Surprise!!!

Gasp!  He’s not just suddenly morbidly obese?  I’m shocked!

Little Aeralyn after aging to a toddler.

Garent’s birth was very confusing so there are no baby pics of him.

He is like the perfect mix of his mom and dad!

Ivan’s not sure what to think of this little one.

Big sister reading him a bedtime story.

Dad and Jazmine painting together.

Aeralyn hanging out with Ivan after aging to child.

(Ugh yes, I realized after I’d taken most of the child pics that when she aged up her skin changed to a greenish tint!  Forgive the inconsistency.  I was really excited about the story and not paying enough attention.)

I think Ivan likes her a lot more now that she’s not a little toddler.

After that, they spent all of their free time together even after he aged to a teen.  Kids gotta stick together when your parents think the apocalypse is coming and insist on everyone living in bunkers after-all.

Ivan’s sister Jazmine didn’t believe any of it and spent most of her free time painting leaving Ivan and Aeralyn and occasionally Garent to themselves.

Brett was a little unhappy that his daughter spent so much time with the Masters boy.

But Tessen told her not to worry about it because daddy’s just jealous that he’s not the center of the universe.

Although, I think she might be a bit worried as well.

Garent, on the other hand, is a very quiet bookworm.  Such a cute sweet boy.

There’s love there even if they don’t spend much time together.

As the years go by, Aeralyn knows exactly how to tease her brother!

Don’t worry.  Garent can take a joke!

And now that she’s a teenager Brett is even more vocal about the amount of time Aeralyn spends with Ivan.

The two start making plans of their own.  They want to do more to prepare for the apocalypse than just sit around talking about it!

They agree.  If their parents can do so much to prepare so will they.

Which, a few years later, led to their first argument.

Aeralyn was right of course.  She would stick out at university and she has no backup story like Ivan does.  His parents are well-known artists while hers have kept their efforts low-key over the years.

The Masters, you see, they painted and sculpted and donated all of the proceeds to the cause making quite the name for themselves even if nobody outside of Midnight Hollow knows what they did with their earnings.  Brett, he wrote apocalyptic comic books with hidden messages hoping that some people would prepare.  Tessen, she used her alchemy and fortune telling skills.  She used elixirs to change some of the willing sims into supernaturals in hopes they could help protect everyone when the time came.  She also used a contact from the much more advanced land of Lunar Lakes where she grew up and made a deal for several old-yet-usable LLAMA transporters so that sims could stay off of the street and avoid the zombies.

And so it was decided.  Ivan would go and leave his best friend behind.

They said a quick goodbye and he memorized her lovely face.  This time at university will be torture without Aeralyn.

The only thing left was to break the news to his family.

He tried to act enthusiastic but nobody was buying it.

Then, he asked them that if the apocalypse happens and his escort can’t get him home can they please look over Aeralyn for him.


This was such a great pic but technically nothing is supposed to have happened yet story-wise which is why all of the pics were taken inside the bunkers.

Styx aged to elder!  He used a clone certificate and went to the science facility (by himself! so funny!) to continue his line with Styx, Jr.

This little bundle of fur will be staying in the Master’s bunker.

Chapter notes:

Awe c’mon!  I had to keep you in suspense a little didn’t I?  I hope at least some of you were surprised!

168 Days to Zero Hour

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