TS3- SNAFU Zero Hour

Weeks 21-28

It was the last semester at uni and I was feeling confident walking into the meet and greet.

But I didn’t stay long.  I ran over to get some buzzberry tea from my favorite barista then I was off.

I think Samantha might be even less athletically inclined than I am!

Needless to say, this semester I worked out… a lot.

I literally only used the research station a few times!

I did get a perfect empanada for my troubles though.

I was exhausted and napped a lot to make up for all of the working out.

That kicky bag I’ve been carrying around for three semesters?  I decided to give it a go.  Maybe this would be easier than all of the running and jogging and lifting weights.

At least it was more fun!

Don’t ask.

Really, don’t ask.  Of course, I was scorched when it was my turn to lecture.

At least I don’t tear apart public property!  Why aren’t the police arresting her?  That was much worse than a little paint that washes off!

I tried swimming but it’s not a very good workout.

I really really hate the treadmill.

More buzzberry tea before a run.  I think somehow I knew what was coming.  Why else was I suddenly so restless?

I noticed on my run that the sky had a strange tint to it.

But the next morning it was blue like usual.  I decided to take a moment to draw to calm my nerves over the upcoming graduation.

But, that night the sky was an even stranger color.  I was too distracted to even catch more than one fish.  I jogged back to the dorm and called it an early night knowing graduation was the next day.

When I woke I was confused.  It had been so hot the last few days.  Was that snow?

I started to worry in earnest but then was called to graduate and there was nothing for it but to go and leave my worries until later.

And I did.  I felt such satisfaction at completing my degree.  I’d forgotten for most of my time at university exactly why it was that I was there in the first place.  That’s when I realized that my family wasn’t there.

I called my mom and could barely understand her.  She said she’d been trying to call for hours.  My phone was off because of graduation.  She was hysterical telling me I had to come home now.  She said she’d arranged for an escort to meet me and help me home.  I’ve never been so terrified as in that moment.  I know that we’d talked about this.  That me leaving home was a risk.  That I might not be able to get back if the worst happened.  But back then, when I’d accepted a “mission” to aid in our cause I was young and naive.  I couldn’t really grasp the idea that I might never see my family and friends again.  I hung up the phone and ran to the parking lot and bought some old guy’s rustbucket truck then and there.  I figured the truck might not be fast but it would get me through the snow safer.  I tried to warn him to take shelter but he wouldn’t listen.  I tried yelling to everyone but none of them listened and I didn’t have time to waste.  My worst nightmare was coming true.

The countdown is over!  We’re at zero hour!


Since I took the big backpacks advantage I got to bring home 5 items not counting the graduation gnome.  I needed the science research station to complete clearing Alien Technology which is what he was doing most of the time in uni.  He got the group science project from getting Science level 10 and it was just too cool not to keep even if I can’t even pull it out of the inventory or even use it for a long long time.  The camera I kept so that I can do photojournalism and he took a truck.  At the beginning, the set-up instructions said to add two vehicles of any type to the dorm.  It didn’t specify which and then it said you can bring home ANY 3 (5 for me) items.  So, I decided on a truck because it would be more “apocalypse like” which I’m sure sounds weird but I think if you’re driving into chaos you’re going to go for a truck and not a sloppy jalopy!

So many points.  So many many points and in the end, I had no idea what to spend them on!  When he got the one-hour warning I just bought whatever to use them up because once he got home the apocalypse would start and I can’t use them.

And last, we have before and after paying his protection fees.  I finished building the house in a test save before switching back to him and completing uni.  This is much more than I expected.  I really had no idea how much money these little buggers (literally) would net him…

My only regret is that I didn’t work on his athletic skill more in the beginning.  I really didn’t realize how difficult it would be to level it up.  I thought that I was going to have to drop the Walk to Work handicap but after looking at it again it seems that it doesn’t apply to founders!  I have decided to drop the Privileged Family advantage because after building the house I realized there was just way too much empty space.  I’m thinking about dropping the Trust No One handicap because now that he has a vehicle he can invite sims over that are just friends so I’d be losing that benefit.

Note from the future: After placing his house I remembered a few things that I’d forgotten that took up more space so went back to the 10×10 plan.  I’m really glad I did!

In the end, he maxed the following skills:

Cooking, gardening, handiness, logic, street art, painting, science, and writing.  He’s about halfway through level 9 in athletic skill too and level 7 in charisma.



  1. Great job on the prelude! Kicky-bag is part of my uni strategy . In between classes , my sims play because it builds fun, athletic skill, and rebel influence simultaneously ! I’m excited about what is to come!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually didn’t realize that it builds rebel influence until I clicked on it and it showed the rebel symbol. He was listening to those skill Tabcasts constantly which seemed to up his fun so I didn’t really worry about it much. I wish I’d thought of it sooner but I’ll know for next time! Which won’t be for a long time unfortunately. I’m excited for everyone to finally get to the apocalypse chapters now!


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